Film Review – Spy (2015)

Spy 2015 - post

Title – Spy (2015)

Director – Paul Feig (Bridesmaids)

Cast – Melissa McCarthy, Miranda Hart, Jason Statham, Rose Byrne, Bobby Cannavale, Jude Law, Alison Janney

Plot – Office bound CIA agent Susan Cooper (McCarthy) finds herself out in the field on the heels of bad girl Rayna Boyanov (Byrne), the lady who killed Susan’s beloved friend and fellow agent Bradley Fine (Law). Not making Susan’s job easy is the constant appearances of determined agent Rick Ford (Statham) who to wants to bring Rayna to justice.

 “I make a habit out of doing things that people say I can’t do”

Review by Eddie on 23/02/2016

While her shtick is most surely wearing a little thin after such dire films as Identify Thief and Tammy, everyone’s favourite plus sized comedian Mellissa McCarthy gets her mojo back via this impressive comedy caper that plays neatly against type and features a scene stealing Jason Statham who just about runs away with the whole show.

The less said about Spy’s story the better as it really is almost to lame to make mention but director Paul Feig (the man in charge of heralding in the new era of Ghostbusters) seems to know that with his cast delivering, no one will really care that Spy barely has enough story for a short film let alone a near 2 hour feature.

Right down to its James Bond like title credits, to the room full of high tech gadgets, Spy makes its intentions known quite early but shunning the now gloomy realism of the modern day bond franchise this film is all about the laughs but it also delivers some neat action and some to be warned, brutal violence that may make the weaker stomached viewers feel all types queasy. Throats will be dissolved, hands will be threaded by kitchen knives and headshots will be made as Spy is not afraid to mix blood with laughs.

While McCarthy remains somewhat subdued through the film’s opening hour or so once her interplay with Rose Byrne’s nasty villainess Rayna takes centre stage the loud mouthed fast talking we’ve come to expect from her comes to full fruition and the film really goes up a notch. But all of McCarthy’s hijinks aside the real star of this show is the aforementioned Jason Statham who has the most fun his had since the last Crank exploded onto the screen and his try hard agent Rick Ford is someone you’ll be hoping gets more screen time in the near future. Whether Rick is explaining about his many dangerous exploits “I’m immune to 179 different types of poison” or setting off on a doomed boating trip, Statham has a blast here and it’s easily one of 2015 most memorable support roles.

The stories slight and there are a large portion of jokes that fall flat but when Spy nails it’s material it’s a hugely enjoyable ride that delivers spy hijinks like we’ve never seen before. With a nice return to form turn by McCarthy, who now has to work harder to make us like her and with an on fire Jason Statham, Spy is one of 2015’s most effective comedies.

3 ½ office bats out of 5

19 responses to “Film Review – Spy (2015)

  1. Woohoo! Glad someone else felt this was a far better film than most of the crap McCarthy’s been in. So sick of the same thing over and over. In some ways, I’m hating her a lot more. I went in blind on this one and I did enjoy it more for this reason, but also because it was so different than McCarthy’s usual, even if there are still other problems. Interestingly, as you’ve said repeatedly, Statham was fantastic! I never would’ve imagined he could pull of this type of comedy, let alone any. Makes me wonder if Vin Diesel was actually funny in “The Pacifier”.

  2. This was one of those movies which looks incredibly bad on paper. But it was a real treat watching this in the cinema. Had several laughs here and there and Statham’s parodying himself was a breath of fresh air compared to his other roles.

  3. This was a big improvement in Melissa McCarthy’s career. She was the target of constant fat jokes, she was written to be kind of a bad ass instead of a bumbling fool, and it meant she gave a really entertaining performance. Hopefully this is the sign of good things to come for her.

    • Her new film looks a little sus mate, think its called Boss or something like that but I think the biggest test for her will be Ghostbusters, feel like there’s a lot of pressure on that one and her to succeed.

      • Yeah, the Ghostbusters has a lot of weight on its shoulders before we’ve even seen a trailer. But if she’s given the right material and the comedy is up to par, then she could be what makes the movie work.

  4. Saw this film and was entertained more than I thought. McCarthy is not normally my cup of tea however here she was fairly entertaining. Still keeping hopes low on ghostbusters. The Stath was great- stole the movie.

    • I just don’t know how I feel about Ghostbusters, it certainly has a top name to live up to but I am hoping it ends up as a fun ride. McCarthy just needs to be pushed a little more, seems like shes often to content doing the same old thing.

      • Yeah, the same old thing for her is loud fat woman. Think she’s capable of more. Really hoped for better casting news when ghostbusters was announced, even.though it was all female- Tina fey and Amy poehler sprang to mind as great options. I just don’t believe the correct tone and feel will be established with the chosen cast. Add to that the ott equal rights of it having to be all female- until this doesn’t become newsworthy we simply aren’t at a true equal stage. Just my opinion anyhow. Lack of a trailer is worrying too (and they did release the annoying trailer for a trailer thing a while ago). We shall see.

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