The Movie Guys’ Post-Oscar Breakdown 2016

Chris Rock girl scout Oscars

Piece compiled by Jordan and Eddie on 04/03/2016

Another year done and dusted! The 2016 Academy Awards were embroiled in controversy before they even began thanks to cries of outrage over whitewashing, but the actual results on the night were all fairly predictable even if host Chris Rock and an over abundance of acceptance speeches tried to push political agendas.

It was a lovely chance however to see Australian tinged blockbuster Mad Max take home the most gongs, Leonardo DiCaprio finally collect a golden statue and an awards night that was thankfully free of Meryl Streep mugging!

Below J and E give an overview of their thoughts on the night and also see who predicted what on the night and who can claim bragging rights for the 2016 ceremony!

Final Oscars Tally – J and E’s Predictions vs Results

Hollywood’s finest may have been battling it out in the Dolby Theatre, but Jordan and Eddie had more than pride riding on the line with our Oscar Predictions. So who got it right more often than not and took home the crown of chief Awards Predictor? See results below!


After drawing last year’s predictions this year Eddie has walked away victorious after correctly predicting 16/24 categories, whilst Jordan ended the night on 13/24. Both J and E were on point with their thoughts surrounding Mad Max being the likely victor on the night by suggesting it would walk away with 5 gongs as it ended the night with the most awards on 6.

For the official winners tally from the night, see below:


The Highlights

Finally! DiCaprio collects a golden statue for his role in The Revenant

He finally got it! Leo collects his prize

Eddie – Seeing Leonardo DiCaprio finally standing on the podium to collect his long overdue Oscar statue was of course a sight for sore eyes, even if his performance in The Revenant may not have been his very best work in an individual sense.

Chris Rocks visit to a local Compton cinema was also a nice moment in the awards that bought both some humour and insight to the awards ceremony.

I can’t deny also that it was nice to see the return of Ali G; finally someone that had some fun with all the “serious” issues flying about the room.

Jordan – 6 Oscars for the years’ most brazenly enjoyable movie spectacle was the highlight for me, and no one is denying how much Fury Road deserved it. Chris Rock reminded us all of why he was once seen as America’s brightest stand-up comedian, and his opening monologue, though very singular in it’s target, will be remembered fondly, as will his overall effort on the night.

Wes Craven being remembered was essential and tastefully done.

The Lowlights

Even "funnyman" Kevin Hart got involved in political statements at the ceremony

Even “funnyman” Kevin Hart got involved in political statements at the ceremony

Eddie – It’s nice to not have to sit through cringe worthy and overlong winners speeches but the frequently awkward speech cut offs didn’t get any less awkward as the night went on, curious though there was no quick cut off once Leonardo DiCaprio made his way onto centre stage though.

In a night that’s supposed to celebrate “movies” nothing more nothing less the consistent agenda pushing about all range of topics wore thin very fast and it would be great for next year’s Awards night to put the focus back onto the medium that’s there for our entertainment and less focus on people trying to play the topical agenda cards.

Jordan – The minions, the most uninspired animated creations to ever take over cinema screens, introducing best animated feature was bad, but not as bad as Skyfall’s forgettable title song winning best of the year.

Best Speech

Morricone accepts his award in what was one of the nights nicest moments

Morricone accepts his award in what was one of the nights nicest moments

Eddie – Ennio Morricone. It was a great sight to see the veteran of composing collect his award for Best Original Score for his work on The Hateful Eight and his to the point and respectful speech was quietly moving.

Mark Rylance also deserves props for paying homage to his fellow actors and acknowledging the privilege of being an actor in this modern day and age when he collected his deserved award for Best Supporting Actor.

And of course all the Australians that made their way onto the stage for Mad Max, it’s great to see the land down under represented at such an occasion.

Jordan – This category begins and ends with the legendary, consumite professional Ennio Morricone. What a well deserved win, and well spoken speech.

Worst Speech

Instead of just singing and saying some nice words, Smith took it upon himself to make some statements

Instead of just singing and saying some nice words, Smith took it upon himself to make some statements

Eddie – Sam Smith. Too busy talking about himself to say much about the actual song he wrote or film he worked on. Just concentrate on the movies is all I could think of.

Jordan – Ditto above. Although, does Stacey Dash count? No? Then yep, Sam Smith.

Biggest Surprise

Ex_Machina beat out some big opposition to win its only award on the night

Ex_Machina beat out some big opposition to win its only award on the night

Eddie – Ex_Machina getting an award even if it was for Best Visual Effects was a nice welcome surprise. One of the most unjustly shunned films on the night along with Beasts of No Nation it was great to see the fab Sci-Fi get some big stage recognition.

Jordan – Honestly, Spotlight for Best Picture. I can’t imagine this being one that people instantly recall in the same fashion as say 12 Years a Slave, The Hurt Locker or No Country for Old Men, although I suppose the same could be said for Argo and The Artist…

The Host Rating

Rock had some great and not so great moments as the 2016 host

Rock had some great and not so great moments as the 2016 host

Eddie – Rock was always going to push the envelope of political correctness and his opening monologue didn’t hold back! It may’ve went on for a little too long about the race issues but his callout of Jada Pinkett-Smith was a real highlight.

Rock’s gig was not without awkward and flat moments though and it felt as though Rock’s mojo was getting leaner as the night wore on and some of his failed skits were just real stinkers.

Still though a huge improvement over last year’s host in the form of Neil Patrick Harris and now we can only hope Eddie Murphy gets a gig next year to continue the Academy’s love of diversity.

3 Girl Scout cookie boxes out of 5

Jordan – Am I weird for wanting Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin to get another crack?

Rock was, yep, rock solid without being outstanding. I do wish that the pre-recorded skits are dialed back a tad in the future, but anyone who disses the Smith family is ok in my book.

3.5 tuxedos out of 5

How did you find this years ceremony? Were the picks what you were hoping? Let us know your thoughts and highlights/lowlights in the comments below!

8 responses to “The Movie Guys’ Post-Oscar Breakdown 2016

  1. Watching people pitch a fit over Leo finally getting his token Oscar, a win fueled by meme powered hype, is annoying. He most likely don’t give a shit though as he’s been thirsty for years. Finally the internet can shut up about it.

  2. The Good:
    – Mad Max owning the technical awards
    – Ex Machina winning Best Visual Effects
    – Alicia Vikander and Brie Larson’s wins were well-deserved, though I’d like to pretend that Vikander actually won for Ex Machina
    – It might have been a wretched movie, but I enjoyed the song and the performance from the 50 Shades of Grey
    – Andy Serkis intro montage was very neat
    – Jack Tremblay jumping out of his seat to see the Star Wars droids was beyond cute
    – The awesome Mad Max costume designer lady with her biker jacket

    The Bad:
    – Yes please can we go back to celebrating the movies next year, since this year they got overshadowed by the social agenda. All important issues, but dear lord it was just so over-the-top. I’m not sure what the “regular people at the theatre” segment was supposed to say – to me it came off as rather condescending towards both the regular people and Hollywood.

    – The important issue didn’t stop me from cringing at Lady Gaga’s histrionic performance of a generic, overblown ballad. No surprises it came from the creator of I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing. Even the Sam Smith song was better than this.

    – I love Woody and Buzz but their little skit was flat.

    – Spotlight winning the Best Picture. Is it me or has this category been irrelevant for years now?

    – Leo winning Best Oscar for the most underwhelming performance of his since The Man in the Iron Mask.

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