Film Review – Point Break (2015)

Point Break 2015

Title – Point Break (2015)

Director – Ericson Core (Invincible)

Cast – Luke Bracey, Edgar Ramirez, Teresa Palmer, Ray Winstone, Delroy Lindo

Plot – Young FBI Agent and one-time extreme sports athlete Johnny Utah (Bracey) infiltrates a group of earth loving criminals led by the charismatic Bodhi (Ramirez) as they set about the world destroying global corporations and doing death defying feats while they’re at it.

“So this is about enlightenment?”

Review by Eddie on 16/05/2016

Sometimes mere words cannot describe something adequately, and in the case of 2015’s utterly pointless and mind dumbing/daft Point Break remake there are quite literally no words I can summon from the shelves of my undoubtedly mediocre storage system of the English language to pinpoint just how idiotic, stupid and unintentionally hilarious this film is.

Making Kathryn Bigalow’s well-liked 1991 original seem like a work of Shakespeare, Ericson Core’s update of the relatively simple story of fun-loving FBI agent Johnny Utah infiltrating a group of extreme sports enthusiasts that happen to be criminals is here turned into some type of “giving back to nature” eco conscious athletes that just happen to like messing with the rich corporations ruining mother nature (don’t even try to understand the Osaki 8 that keeps popping up here) and Johnny Utah is turned into a clearly Australian, motocross riding, badly tattooed (seriously how many tattooed people can be in one movie?) agent that gets to to be involved in one of the most hilarious on screen deaths in some time (in the film’s opening 5 minutes!) and somehow possesses even less charisma than Keanu Reeves (yes, the unthinkable has occurred). But if you think lame motocross related deaths and dodgy eco warriors are the worst of this films problems, then think again.

Director Core and his team seemingly sat down at a table and in the space of 30 or so minutes designed a serious of supposedly breathtaking stunts that span the globe and while they look great in a location sense, the actual transpiring of events are so downright unbelievable that any sense of fun or excitement is taken away by the fact it’s just too daft to care.

From downhill snowboarding, random unnecessarily dangerous rock climbing, perfectly used wing suit fly byes, an exploding rock strewn mountain face and perhaps worst of all, a reimaging of the wave clad finale of the original, Point Break seems intent on becoming some type of hybrid of Fast and the Furious but forgets to make sure that the occurrences happening here are indeed fun and frenetic, rather than overdone and frequently unengaging.

At the end of the day one could go on and one about the many failures of Point Break but none of it comes as a surprise, as from the moment this remake was announced and then from the very first glimpses of the films atrocious trailer no one expected this waste of $100 million dollars plus to be anything more than a disposable piece of Hollywood trash. With no heart, no soul and with a bunch of uninvolving characters, this film is a waste of time that gets a bonus mark for its intrigue factor as a solidified sunken ship, it’s just a shame it took down two up and coming Australian actors in the form of Luke Bracey and Teresa Palmer with it.

1 mink blanket out of 5

8 responses to “Film Review – Point Break (2015)

  1. Not to mention that “point break” is a surfing term, and as I talked about in one of my posts on my blog, from the trailer, there’s hardly any surfing involved, I still believe they used the name Point Break simply for name recognition and it horribly backfired. I haven’t seen the movie (I refused to spend money on it), but based on the trailer, all they had to do was change the names of the leads, and change the title, and they would have what amounts to an original idea (at least for Hollywood standards). Had they done that, I bet a lot more people would have gone to see it, since the stigma of the original wouldn’t have been hovering over it.

    • Some fine thoughts there Bryan, I don’t know what would’ve helped this film as regardless of title or history its a real stinker! And as you said, absolutely not about surfing ha.

  2. Just by the trailer I did not want to waste my time. Although I have an unlimited card to the movie it is only costing me $25 a month I still didn’t go see this film. I love the original better by far. That was a waste of money and time. Nice review.

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