Film Review – Sinister 2 (2015)

Sinister 2 post

Title – Sinister 2 (2015)

Director – Ciarán Foy (Citadel)

Cast – James Ransone, Shannyn Sossamon, Dartanian Sloan, Robert Daniel Sloan

Plot – Ex-deputy sheriff So and So (Ransone) continues his fight against the darkness that is Bughuul as he realises loving mother Courtney (Sossamon) and her children are locked in a battle against the dark entity.

“I’m not gonna let him finish that movie!”

Review by Eddie on 19/05/2016

While Sinister 2 is still quite well… sinister, it certainly lacks any of the originality and constant vibe of fear that made its predecessor such a memorable and competent horror film that found both success at the box office and on home release.

Directed by soon to be Dr. Strange deliverer Scott Derrickson, Sinister was a competently made horror that featured scarily good sound designs, an assured lead turn from Ethan Hawke and a somewhat unique premise that introduced us all to one of horror’s most eerie creations of recent times in the form of the child hungry Bughuul.

Where the first film’s use of home footage horrors and sudden appearances of Bughuul and his tribe were used to horrific effect, new director Ciarán Foy struggles to utilise the murderous footage to chilling affects here (even though a rat centric set piece is a dastardly delight) and an overuse of Bughuul undoes many of the films wannabe scares. It also doesn’t help that an uninteresting story that’s been co-created by Derrickson fails to engage like Ethan Hawke’s struggling writer plotline of the first film.

Trying to keep things tied together by the return of James Ransone’s one time sheriff’s deputy So & So (seriously we never get to hear his name) and his quest to stop Bughuul’s evil dominance, the plot that also includes Shannyn (yes I’m still acting) Sossamon’s mother of two increasingly doomed boys just fails to fire and with a mere handful at best of genuine frightening or terrifying moments, Sinister 2 fails to recreate the ominous mood of the first film and where the first film culminated in a shocking finale, Sinister 2 try’s but fails to shock us with a fiery and scythe laden crescendo.

The first Sinister offered up so much opportunity for a new franchise to take hold and while Bughuul still remains and interesting and scary creation, Sinister 2 seems to mark an early drop off in form that will likely see the Sinister franchise relegated to bargain bins before long, which is a sad proposition for a storyline that if done right, could be all types of horror filled greatness.

1 ½ late night basement movie screenings out of 5

6 responses to “Film Review – Sinister 2 (2015)

  1. I thought Sinister 2 was rather awful. Rehashing sound effects and scare tactics from the first one, as well as having the star be the bumbling deputy from the first(and far superior film) pretty much doomed this one from the start. I don’t blame Ransome. He’s a talented actor(see The Wire and Bosch for proof), but he couldn’t do anything to save this movie.

    The first one had a darkness and disturbing quality, especially with Hawke’s late night viewings of the Super 8 films he found and drowning those horrible scenes in his head with whiskey. You really got a sense of dread. 2 lacked in most of that. And man, those kids were about the most annoying ghouls I’ve ever seen.

    • mate could not agree more on all these points!
      I really like Ransone – his so good in Generation Kill! And the first film in this series was seriously good for what it was. Sad the franchise has died so quickly.

  2. I too need to rewatch 1 before Doctor Strange. Not that they’re related, but just to reaquaint myself to his style. I think I’ll pass on two though. Good review.

  3. Pffffffff. Pfffffffffff. This stupid, useless movie. Ick. I didn’t even finish it, my husband begged me to turn it off and I never got back to it. What a pity, seeing as the first was quite good. Great review.

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