Film Review – San Andreas (2015)

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Title – San Andreas (2015)

Director – Brad Peyton (Cats and Dogs: the Revenge of Kitty Galore)

Cast – Dwayne Johnson, Carla Gugino, Alexandra Daddario, Ioan Gruffudd, Paul Giamatti, Kylie Minogue

Plot – Helicopter rescue pilot Ray (Johnson) fly’s around the Californian countryside talking to his soon to be ex-wife Emma (Gugino) about the woes of life while on the way to rescue their beloved daughter Blake (Daddario), who finds herself caught in the midst of a terrible earthquake rocking the American landscape.

“This is not a normal day!”

Review by Eddie on 23/05/2016

The Rock’s certainly one charismatic cat but while San Andreas isn’t a catastrophically bad movie, not even the charms of Dwayne Johnson can save this big budget spectacle from an overwhelming sense of meh, thanks to a corn ridden script, uninteresting characters and a feeling of déjà vu.

See the thing is, we’ve all seen San Andreas before. Whether it be 2012, Deep Impact or any other number of other natural disaster films and for a film of this ilk to succeed it needs to excel at something to really wow us, the viewers that have been treated to such tales since the dawn of cinematic magic and San Andreas never has the charms or smarts to overcome its many weaknesses.

Director Brad Peyton certainly brings nothing to the table other than a few neatly constructed CGI set pieces and he wastes an able cast amongst San Andreas’s 100 minute plus runtime and it’s actually quite hilarious in one of those sad kind of ways concerning the way in which the once more slumming it Paul Giamatti, poor old Ioan Gruffudd and even Australia’s very own pop princess Kylie Minogue are used.

Well adverse to making otherwise dull tales more enjoyable than they should be (see Hercules for proof) Dwayne Johnson alongside Carla Gugino can’t do much with a role that literally sees him spend half his screen time flying a helicopter around and talking about his marital woes. We’ve all grown to love the Rock thanks to his action prowess, his quick wit and his everyman persona but San Andreas never gives the one time jock wearing wrestler time to do his thing.

Some nice Australian shot locations and some relatively “special” special effects save San Andreas from going underwater and getting caught in its scripts many fault lines and it’s hard to ever hate something with the Rock in it but San Andreas is barely passable popcorn entertainment that’s very far from memorable.

2 Rays Outdoors stores out of 5

12 responses to “Film Review – San Andreas (2015)

  1. The very definition of the term ‘guilty pleasure’. You know it’s bad and suffers all its genre conventions but…Yeah, your score is fair but I did rather like this, in the same way I like Armageddon. Is that wrong? Of course it is!

  2. I enjoyed it a lot more than you did, although I get the points you make in your very good review. It is, indeed, a guilty pleasure. I was in the mood for mindless action and that’s what I got with seconds of Kylie Minogue and lots of Dwayne Johnson running around, while things explode. I will definitely watch it again. And I am aware that I may be losing intellectual capacities, even as I type a comment about it.

    • I must admit I was fairly bored in it for pretty much the first half there was a heck of a lot of The Rock just flying around in a helicopter but once the action took hold it was a heck of a lot more watchable.

  3. Well, I watched San Andreas and I was impressed. It is not every day you meet a man with the skill of an entire rescue team. The Rock might lift up the movie appearance but the movie is worth watching if you want to presume earthquake like this can occur one day in a country or the entire world.

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