Film Review – Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (2015)

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

Title – Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (2015)

Director – Gregory Plotkin (feature debut)

Cast – Chris J. Murray, Britt Shaw, Dan Gill, Ivy George

Plot – Armed with a demon seeing custom made camera, parents Ryan (Murray) and Emily (Shaw) try and find out what is happening with their acting suspiciously child Leila (George) and what they discover is anything but good.

“Daddy? I can’t sleep”

Review by Eddie on 21/06/2016

For a franchise that originally started out with promise and intrigue way back in 2007, it’s sad to see the Paranormal Activity franchise peter out with such a lacklustre finale with Ghost Dimension in what is the series 6th and supposedly final adventure after dwindling box office receipts and audience reactions.

Oren Peli’s original low budget effort that kick started horror’s newest box office sensation was a slow burning and affective found footage tale of a malevolent spirit that would become known as Toby and the then budding filmmakers utilised what was at their disposal to create genuine chills (getting pulled out of bed by the feet remains a frightening delight) and they actually bothered with creating characters that we got to know and even though not necessarily care about, we still were able to invest in their fight against the darkness.

Subsequent follow ups like Paranormal Activity 2 and 3 were passable attempts at recreating the achievements of the first film but from the 4th entry onwards the series struggled to be anything more than a sad cash grab at jumping on past glories and while Ghost Dimension try’s to tantalise viewers with a chance to finally get up close and personal with Toby, it can’t generate any form of memorability and by the passing of the film’s 80 minutes or so of runtime your left under no illusions that this series has officially passed its used by date.

Cheap scare tactics are employed, priests are brought in to offer advice and assistance, people act strangely to events that any normal people would lose their minds over and the story gets sillier by the minute with shlock like use of “other dimensions” and ghost seeing cameras and the simple and more believable tactics employed in the franchise’s opening chapters have been trounced by lack of originality and effort.

With a few frightening moments and a so bad its hilarious finale, Ghost Dimension has tiny fragments of moments that work but overall this is a dire, sad and unspectacular conclusion for fans of the Paranormal Activity name and even the most diehard followers of the series will have a hard time caring about creepy ginger child Leila and her weirdly unsurprised parents adventures with dear old soul Toby.

1 franchise killing entry out of 5

9 responses to “Film Review – Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (2015)

  1. I did not see this one because it had bad reviews. And people that I know said to me it was really bad. I wish Hollywood will stop doing that and find new stories to tell. Nice review.

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