Competition – Win Double Passes to see Blood Father!

Blood Father

Mel Gibson sporting a unique look in Blood Father (2016)

By Jordan and Eddie on 12/08/2016

If there’s one thing we all love more than watching someone’s career in the spotlight crash and burn in a big way, it’s the love of a career revival and with the forthcoming release of Australia’s very own Mel “Mad Max” Gibson’s Blood Father it looks like we may just well have that revival the one time Blockbusting A-lister has been waiting for, for quite some time.

There’s been the little event films like Edge of Darkness, Get the Gringo and The Beaver but the well received and gritty looking old school film Blood Father truly earmarks the return of the Mel Gibson we all use to know and mostly love, and is also a stepping stone for the filmmaker before he launches the potentially great Hacksaw Ridge later in the year.

Thanks to the kind folk over at NIXco, in celebration of the upcoming release of Blood Father into Australian cinemas, Jordan and Eddie are giving away 5x Double Entry passes to Blood Father to our Australian readers.


All you have to do to go into the draw to win yourself and a mate a pass to see the film is tell us in 50 words or less what your favourite Mel Gibson film is (either acted in or directed) and why in the comment section found at the end of this article.

Entries are open from today and close Wednesday August 24th. Winners will be contacted on Thursday August 25th.

To read more about Blood Father see below:

Blood Father hits Australian cinemas in September this year

Blood Father hits Australian cinemas in September this year

Mel Gibson returns to the big screen in the edge-of-your-seat action thriller, BLOOD FATHER, based on the novel by Peter Craig (scriptwriter of The Town). When his teenage daughter is caught up in a drug deal gone wrong, she is forced to reach out to her estranged father, ex-con John Link (Gibson). Only he can protect her from the drug dealers who want her dead.

Blood Father opens in Australian cinemas on Thursday September 1st

Blood Father poster

12 responses to “Competition – Win Double Passes to see Blood Father!

  1. Inexplicably courageous are the key elements of Mel’s best performance.
    Allow me to explain.
    Encapsulating a troubled era, Mel reheats one of histories greatest leftovers, Freedom.
    Leaving us with quotes and memories that we will cherish and share with future generations that will leave all reinvigorated and inspired. Becoming a force to be reckoned with on screen, Mel makes it abundantly clear, What Women Want. 5 William Wallaces out of 5.

  2. While Mel will forever be known for his passionate display in braveheart – its his role in FairyTale: A True Story that stands out. As Frances’ Father, we witness Mel give his all, acting in its purest form. Those thinking Mel did this to cash in on a quick buck being a household name after the likes of lethal weapon, mad max etc couldn’t be further from the truth. Mel did this one for the fans – in an uncredited role for the kids, solidifying me as a life time Gibsonite.

    Thank you Mel for all you do.

  3. Gotta go with “Lethal Weapon” on this one. While the whole series is good, I really enjoyed the first one. Gibson did a good job playing a tortured man, mourning the loss of his wife, who forges his grief into fuel. One of my favorite scenes is the one where he tells Danny Glover that he really is suicidal, and ever single day, has to come up with a reason to live. So many great scenes. The jump scene. The torture scene. Great comedy and rappot with Glover. And, it’s a Christmas movie.
    Runners up, starting with the closest contender: Road Warrior, What Women Want, Get the Gringo, Conspiracy Theory.

  4. My favourite Mel Gibson movie is an oldie but a goodie.

    Gallipolli was his real true big time movie and I loved

    it mostly because he played such a real Australian larrikin.

    He was unpretentious and totally genuine in this very wonderful

    and memorable role.

  5. Hi my name is Victor Chisholm and if you need to know of any movie I’m your guy because I love movies and soundtracks from the movies and I will tell you a whole lot about every movie that I’ve see, have, and I’ll even tell you the upcoming movies

  6. Apocalypto. For me, this is Gibson’s finest work as a director. Brutally breathtaking and filled with adrenaline and tension. From the performances, directing, cinematography, costumers, this movie is mystical and stunning!

  7. I really wanted to add ‘The Million Dollar Hotel’ to this list but felt that the score really let the film down, well that and the story line the acting and direction. My real vote is for apocalypto, I will never forget the amazing opening sequence that rolled out into a breathtaking film, a possible masterpiece that was and still is a little under appreciated. Special mentions to Lethal Weapon, Braveheart and the under-rated Get the Gringo.

  8. Has to be Gallipoli. Such a great story of our history told with raw emotion and genuine intention. He plays such a great Australian character and really depicts the attitude of the young men of that time. Always gets a tear this film.

  9. Chicken Run, the best and most hilarious prison escape movie ever made, unfortunately I can’t watch Mel Gibson now without picturing him as Rocky

  10. Braveheart. “They may take away our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom!” Some grand speeches like this one, demonstrate the prowess that Gibson has as an actor. His acting was filled with power and purpose in this superb performance.

  11. For me I go with the ‘ Patriot ‘ in which he perfectly executed his role. The love for his family and love for country made the movie really interesting for me. Hey Jordan and Eddie I Know,i might not be among the lucky winner but it’s fun to me and I appreciate what u guys are doing 👍👌👏

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