Film Review – London Has Fallen (2016)

  • London has Fallen 2016

Title – London Has Fallen (2016)

Director – Babak Najafi (Easy Money 2: Hard to Kill)

Cast – Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman, Angela Bassett, Radha Mitchell, Jackie Earle Haley, Melissa Leo

Plot – Evil terrorist’s plan to kill American President Benjamin Asher (Eckhart) on a visit to London are thwarted by his trusty bodyguard Mike Banning (Butler) who acts as a one man army who will stop at nothing to put the evildoers into an early grave.

“To those who threaten our freedom: America will rise up. And make no mistake; we will find you, and we will destroy you”

Review by Eddie on 13/10/2016

In the long history of unnecessary and largely unwanted sequels, Babak Najafi’s London Has Fallen, the follow up to Antoine Fuqua’s financially successful yet mostly forgotten about Olympus Has Fallen, surely must rank amongst one of the most uncalled for follow up instalments in cinematic history and when the experience that London Has Fallen offers viewers is as bland and devoid of life as what’s served up here, let’s hope this Fallen franchise has seen its last incarnation.

While Olympus Has Fallen certainly wasn’t an action masterclass, it looks like a deadset classic when compared to this undercooked and charisma free follow up that sees Gerard Butler’s kindly presidential bodyguard Mike Banning taking on countless baddies in the battle heavy streets of London in a range of unimaginative car chases, helicopter trips, laneway shootouts and various other situations too boring to recount here and with some pulseless direction from Najafi and a cast that couldn’t look more bored if they tried, there’s not an ounce of fun to be had with this overly violent and poorly computer generated bullet fest.

It’s hard to know why returning cast members like Aaron Eckhart or Angela Bassett showed up again other than a decently priced cheque, while the downward spiral of Scotland’s Gerard Butler sadly continues on its merry way as the actor so good in films like 300 and Dear Frankie continues to deliver bland performances in equally bland ventures and it’s going to take a miracle for the one time watchable star to get back to the winning form that once made him a bankable A-lister. It’s sad to see such a cast that also includes bit plays by the likes of Morgan Freeman and Jackie Earle Haley put their names to such “entertainment” as London Has Fallen is but another action entry that ads to the genres recent woes in its struggles to make inventive or decent productions.

Only the most easy to please film fans will find anything of note within London Has Fallen, a film that’s plot’s barely worth a breath of air to talk about and a film that harbors a cast who could barely care less if they tried. A sequel that was never asked for and should never have been made, London Has Fallen is a sad excuse for an action film and a sad excuse for a feature film.

1 concerned looking Morgan Freeman out of 5

8 responses to “Film Review – London Has Fallen (2016)

  1. Bring Gerard Butler back! I loved him in those roles mentioned as well and damn it, after his round of rom-coms and Gods of Egypt, I want to believe he will come back… Please Gerard. For the fans.

  2. Good review. I know everyone says that this is a bad movie, but I am curious to see it. Might have to rent it just see how bad it really is (possible review it as well).

  3. Definitely a fair assessment of this film. I really enjoyed the first go round, and too felt the sequel was completely pointless and uncalled for. It didn’t offer up anything new, and what it managed was underwhelming.

  4. The dreaded 1 star. And I thought I was hard on this film. Pretty much the only thing I remember about it now (after two months) is that there were lines of dialog that were so bad that I literally burst out laughing.

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