Flare Studio – Connecting Filmmakers with the World’s Biggest Brands


By Jordan and Eddie on 04/11/2016

Exciting new opportunities have become available to filmmakers around the world thanks to London based creative agency AMV BBDO who’ve recently set up the Flare Studio.

Open to filmmakers of all types, from students through to professionals, the studio will offer creative minds the chance to be connected with world class brands and allow them to grow, prosper and succeed in the industry in ways previously unavailable to them.

The Movie Guys believe this is a truly fantastic new initiative with all information on the project found below in the Studio’s official press release.




London creative agency AMV BBDO has launched a new platform to connect global filmmaking talent with ‘exploding’ client content opportunities. Flare Studio is being described as ‘curated crowdsourcing’ because all projects are briefed and managed by world-class strategists, creative and producers. The platform is open to talent ranging from film students and social influencers to established directors working through production companies.

  • Regular paid briefs from leading brands for the international creative community
  • Work with Flare, BBDO’s brand content specialist and winner of over 80 major awards
  • Start your film career, build a reel and get support from the Flare Foundation
  • Two £25,000 NFTS scholarships for best emerging filmmaking talent

Flare Studio is arranged in three tiers, allowing briefs to be matched to levels of experience – and budgets. Open Studio opportunities offer payment for the best finished films while projects in Studio Plus and Studio Pro have bigger budgets and, in some cases, include payment for shortlisted treatments. Most briefs call for multiple films.



Flare Studio has launched with a call for Cesar films from partner Mars, a brand with a heritage of innovation and award-winning work. You can register here.


Mars and AMV BBDO will also be partnering with the UK’s National Film and Television School as a way to give back to the content-making community. Together, these organizations will offer two £25,000 scholarships to the National Film and Television School. The activity will signal the launch of The Flare Foundation, which will put a portion of its sales revenue to training those who are active on the platform. The Foundation will go live in 2017, offering scholarships, grants for equipment, training courses and work placements.

“Flare Studio and the concept of curated crowdsourcing is an incredibly exciting and progressive idea that our students are most certainly going to benefit from.  We are extremely grateful for Mars and BBDO’s support in giving our students this opportunity as well as the scholarship. We take this area of creative filmmaking very seriously and have recently announced a new Directing Commercials and Promos Diploma. We expect the students who enrol in this exciting new course to be very involved in our work with Flare Studio.”

Nik Powell, National Film and Television School director


Flare Studio builds on the digital and social content work of Flare, the in house content arm at AMV BBDO. Launched two years ago, Flare has now extended into 12 BBDO offices, delivering hundreds of films per year to its clients. Producing both in house, as well as running an outsource model, Flare and has won over 80 major awards. BBDO has 289 offices in 81 countries and has been named The Gunn Report’s most creative agency network in the world for the last ten years in a row.

Check the official Flare Studio promotional video here below –

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