The Movie Guys: Post-Oscar Breakdown 2017

The audience look on as the Oscars produce its biggest ever stuff-up

The audience look on as the real Best Picture is announced

Piece compiled by Jordan and Eddie on 03/03/2017


That’s one word you could use to describe this year’s Oscar’s.

Not that anything much happened of note or genuine surprise (other than that fact we now have to refer to Suicide Squad as an Oscar winning film), that is until come the end of the evening raging Best Picture frontrunner La La Land was announced as the winner of the gong only to a few minutes later have it taken back when the real winner Moonlight was correctly announced as the true winner.

It was an epic Oscars moment, perhaps the biggest of all time in more ways than one. First the way in which it happened and how it happened, as very few industry experts would’ve ever thought La La Land was not going to be walking home with at least that one coveted statue.

The rest of the night was a fairly pleasant affair with many awards spread out among the various worthy recipients, and looking back on the night at the Dolby Theatre, the Movie Guys pick some highs and lows of the evening and remember one of the most infamous Oscar’s ever to occur.

J and E’s Predictions vs Results

Hollywood’s finest may have been battling it out in the Dolby Theatre, but Jordan and Eddie had more than pride riding on the line with our Oscar Predictions. So who got it right more often than not and took home the crown of chief Awards Predictor? See results below!

The Movie Guys Prediction’s Tally –


Winning this year’s predictions was Eddie but both the Movie Guys struggled in a ceremony that ended up throwing a few more surprises than originally predicted. Eddie won the count with 14/24 correct predictions with Jordan not far behind with 11/24.

In regards to getting the tally’s right this year, both Jordan and Eddie weren’t too far off the mark with La La Land in particular winning far less than many had first thought.

For the official winners tally from the night, see below:


The Highlights

One of the nights feel good moments was seeing Seth Rogen and Michael J. Fox present an award together

One of the nights feel good moments was seeing Seth Rogen and Michael J. Fox present an award together


I really appreciated the fact awards were doled out among the fine films nominated. As a staunch fan of La La Land I wouldn’t have minded seeing it with a few more golden statues but at the end of the day to know that Arrival, Manchester by the Sea and Hacksaw Ridge are Academy Award winners makes me feel like all is well in movie world.

In a ceremony sense I think the rivalry between host Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon provided some consistent laughs and hearty roasting’s and the moment Kimmel sat down to talk about his favourite film We Made a Zoo was comedy gold.

P.S – how cool was it to see Michael J Fox with uber fan Seth Rogen presenting an award together.


Has to be Your Name winning its much deserved Best Animated Film and nothing detracting from Moonlight being awarded the top honor; it would’ve been such a shame if something uninspired with animated animals was given an Oscar over a thoughtful, emotionally deep study of love and life or the quality control was of such a sub-par quality that one host can give a hospital handpass over to another to announce the wrong winner of the top gong.

Luckily neither of those things happened. Would’ve been a disaster…

The Lowlights

Industry legend Warren Beatty won't be living this moment down anytime soon

Industry legend Warren Beatty won’t be living this moment down anytime soon


Well this is an easy one. Bar the fact Suicide Squad got more Oscars than Lion and Hell or High Water it was clearly the failing of the Best Picture winner announcement.

How on earth this could ever happen at such a high profile event is beyond me.

It was also a lowlight watching host Jimmy Kimmel trying to get young Lion star Sunny Pawar excited about re-enacting a scene from The Lion King. Awkward springs straight to mind.


Am I the only one that didn’t like seeing those tourists masqueraded around to an auditorium of energized celebrities? (I’m in a cynical mood, having not quite gotten over Suicide Squad winning an Academy Award and losing the guess tally to Eddie again). Reminded me of the type of Hollywood we’ve been presented by David Lynch, or Cronenberg, or any similarly singular cult film maker.

Also, see above sarcastic paragraph.

Best Speech

Despite controversy surrounding his past, Casey Affleck was a worthy Best Actor winner

Despite controversy surrounding his past, Casey Affleck was a worthy Best Actor winner


I didn’t think that this year provided any amazing speeches but one of the best speeches of the night was delivered by Best Foreign Film director Asghar Farhadi  who wasn’t even at the ceremony representing his film The Salesman in protest of President Trump’s immigration ban yet his short written speech (read out by a friend) was a to the point and heartening message of the worlds need to work together.

Despite controversy surrounding him personally, Casey Affleck’s Best Actor speech was a nice, simply done acceptance and even making note of “wishing he had something profound to say” it was nice to just see an actor humbled to be there and be rewarded for a quietly impressive career and an extraordinary acting turn.


“Guys, guys, I’m sorry, no, there’s been a mistake. Moonlight, you guys won Best Picture”

“This is not a joke, Moonlight has won Best Picture”

“Moonlight: Best Picture!”

“I’m gonna be really proud to hand this to my friends from Moonlight”

I could continue…

Worst Speech

Viola Davis's speech was just a little "to much"

Viola Davis’s speech was just a little “to much”


Viola Davis for her Best Supporting Actress win. Jimmy Kimmel summed it up best when he made mention she’s already been nominated for a Best Acting Emmy for that performance as that’s what it felt like, an overly rehearsed and over judged moment in the spotlight.


See above!!

Biggest Surprise

The Moonlight cast and crew celebrate their unforgettable Best Picture win

The Moonlight cast and crew celebrate their unforgettable Best Picture win


Without a doubt Moonlight’s Best Picture win. A few months and even days ago all the talk was for La La Land but the little independent movie that could came home with the chocolates and its win will go down as one of the most unpredictable of all time.


I was very happy, but still surprised when Casey Affleck got his much deserved award over the revered and late-surging Denzel Washington, and having liked La La Land not so much for its acting but technical prowess, original story and top-line choreography, I didn’t expect Emma Stone to be favored over Natalie Portman.

The Host Rating

Jimmy Kimmel did a commendable (and candy filled) job hosting this years Oscars

Jimmy Kimmel did a commendable (and candy filled) job hosting this years Oscars


Whilst starting out in great fashion Jimmy Kimmel did start to wane as the show went on and a couple of his more “baiting” moments just didn’t end up working including the segment in which a busload of tourists enter the arena and meet with the “important” celebs.

He certainly did a commendable job and again his roasting of Matt Damon was perhaps overused but never far from hilarious so it wouldn’t be the worst thing to have Kimmel back again next year, especially after this good training run.

An extra half a star for calling out Meryl Streep fandom at the Oscars!

3 1/2 bags of candy out of 5


Who was the host again? Ahh that’s right, Jimmy Kimmel. He wanted to give everybody Oscars after the monumental stuff-up, which would’ve greatly caused them to depreciate for not only this years winners but also future aspirants. That lack of foresight in inflationary ramifications in a market already reeling with the Suicide Squad stain tainting its image is just plain irresponsible.

He was pretty funny at times though.

2 smart tuxedos out of 5

How did you find this year’s ceremony? Were the picks what you were hoping for? Let us know your thoughts and highlights/lowlights in the comments below!

Ryan Gosling sums up how we feel about Suicide Squad being an Oscar winner

Ryan Gosling sums up how we feel about Suicide Squad being an Oscar winner

9 responses to “The Movie Guys: Post-Oscar Breakdown 2017

  1. My takeaway from this whole business is simple: Suicide Squad won as many Oscars as Arrival. My caring about the Oscars has hit a new low.

  2. Horrible telecast. I love Jimmy but his bits fell flat and that whole thing with the tour bus was insane and not in a good way. As for Warren and Faye, my takeaway was wear glasses and ask questions. Yes, you are on national television. I would have said, “This doesn’t seem right.” Rather do that then look like the fool and become a meme that will never go away. Good assessment guys!

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