The Movie Guys – 1000th Post!

Eddie (left) and Jordan (right), wearing their casual film reviewer gear

By Jordan and Eddie on 03/05/2017

It might’ve taken us just a little under 4 years to do so, but with this post The Movie Guys mark our 1000th published post milestone!

It’s been quite the journey for both of us as we’ve been able to share our love for movies with fellow film fans the world over, and for both of us we’ve seen our eye for cinema expand and grow over the years that this blog has been in operation.

It’s not always easy to be as engaged in the blogging world as we’d perhaps like to be, thanks to such things as work, commitments and life in general but it’s been a frequently fun and interesting experiencing joining the WordPress community and blogging community at large as we’ve been welcomed in by readers all across the globe.

Yep – we are that excited about getting to our 1000th post!

You the reader are what makes running The Movie Guys so much fun! We’ve found many a great discussion with film lovers has occurred on the blog, whether in agreeance or disagreement and it’s a constant reminder to what makes film so great, the way in which it impacts us all differently but in no lesser or greater importance one way or the other.

So with this 1000th post pat on the back, we the Movie Guys, two long-term close mates that share a keen passion for film, would like to thank all of you out there for joining us on our blogging journey and for making The Movie Guys such a blast to run.

Happy reading and happy watching

Jordan and Eddie

Any excuse to get this photo out of the archives!

16 responses to “The Movie Guys – 1000th Post!

  1. Wow, 1000 posts, that is truly an awesome achievement 😀 Congratulations! Hopefully there will be plenty more to come, I have always enjoyed reading your blog, and have also received quite a few great ideas for movies that I have never even heard of 😀 Keep up the great work you are doing 😊

    • Thanks Raistlin. One of the greatest things we can hear is about people checking out some films we may’ve shone a light on so if we can continue doing that we certainly would love it! Cheers for the kind words.
      J and E

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