Dunkirk – 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited

Dunkirk could just be a new War classic and one of the years most moving cinematic experiences

Piece compiled by Eddie on 12/05/2017

While it still may be a while off from hitting our cinema screens (and our senses) master filmmaker Christopher Nolan’s newest bout of standout movie magic is a film we all should be getting excited about!

Named as my most anticipated movie of 2017 (hopefully for good reason) it’s highly likely that Dunkirk will be one of the year’s biggest original hits and perhaps even the film that finally brings Nolan some Academy Awards love come the start of next year.

While much of the finer details of Dunkirk remain a mystery, what we do know and what we have seen is enough to suggest any movie fan worth their salt should be booking their tickets ASAP and on the biggest screen possible to witness Nolan’s first film since the incredible Interstellar blew us away in the later stages of 2014.

I for one can’t wait to see what Nolan has in store for us all come the middle of the year.

Happy reading and happy watching!

1.  It’s Christopher Nolan

Nolan on set with his crew whilst filming Dunkirk

I’m sure I speak for any sane cinema lover when I say that Christopher Nolan is one of the era’s greatest filmmakers. A constantly evolving and grandiose filmmaker, Nolan makes epics like no one else, yet at the core of his films are human characters we come to care for and his long standing desire to make an old-fashioned War film should make Dunkirk one of his most human films yet.

Read about some of the footage lucky viewers have seen in the link below –


2.  Imax

Nolan gets to work using his beloved Imax camera set-up which means great times for we viewers in July of this year

A film tradition of mine is to make sure I catch all new Nolan films on the biggest screen available and the fact that Nolan shoots a large portion of each of his movies with Imax cameras makes the decision to catch each latest entry at Imax an easy one. Imax is what Nolan films are made for and if you can, make Dunkirk your Imax trip for the year.

Hear about the game changing use of Imax technology in the film here below –


3. The Cast

A proven performer on stage, it will be interesting to see how Harry Styles matches up with his talented co-stars

Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Mark Rylance and …… Harry Styles! It’s not exactly your typical A grade cast but Nolan has an ability to bring out the best in his performers and it’s saying a lot when you can say you’re looking forward to how One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles is utilised by the visionary filmmaker and of course, anything with Hardy and Murphy in it should be cause for much excitement.

Read about the cast and the decision to have Harry Styles in the film below –


4. The Trailer

From what we’ve seen of Dunkirk so far, much of it’s imagery seems instantly iconic

Not your typical modern day trailer, our first true glimpse of Dunkirk showcased enough for us to know that what we will get is some truly large scale and memorable movie making. Thankfully not giving away too much of the films plot arcs or actin infused moments, Dunkirk’s trailer is one of those rare modern peeks where we are more excited for what we didn’t see than what we did see.

If for some crazy reason you’ve missed the films trailer, check the link below –


5. The True Life Story

With more than a truckload of extras, Dunkirk should be able to capture the essence of this historic time

For such a pivotal moment in World War 2, the happenings of Dunkirk have remained largely untapped for the big screen, bar brief moments like a standout sequence from Joe Wright’s 2007 film Atonement. While it’s increasingly hard to bring something new to the table, with much of World War 2’s stories now told in some form or another, you expect that Nolan (who takes a rare solo writing credit on this film) to have some fascinating insights to shine a light on in this larger than life true story.

You can read about the true life Dunkirk evacuation and inspiration for Nolan’s film here –


Dunkirk will be hitting Australian cinema screens on Thursday July 20th.

Are you excited for Dunkirk? We’d love to know why or why not so drop us a line in the comment section below!

21 responses to “Dunkirk – 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited

  1. I honestly think Christopher Nolan is the most overrated filmmaker in the business today! He’s made a few good movies, but nothing truly ‘spectacular.’

    • Ah mate I wouldn’t say to many would agree with you on that one. If films like The Dark Knight and The Prestige aren’t shining examples of modern day films, I would hate to think what else misses the cut.

  2. I was lucky enough to see a five minute preview for the film which aired before Rogue One. And if I am being quite honest I liked that preview more than the entire Rogue One film. It literally gave me goosebumps all over. It looks so amazing. This is definitely the movie that I am looking forward to the most this year. I can’t wait for this one to arrive. Great post! 😀

  3. I always have to be convinced to see a war film (not my favourite genre), but Nolan’s attachment definitely sparked my interest and the trailer looks amazing. Hopefully we’ll also get another fantastic Hans Zimmer score out of this.

  4. I’m excited for Nolan’s next masterpiece but I am not normally a huge fan of war movies. Hacksaw Ridge changed that in me though so maybe I’ll be able to love Dunkirk all around. I hope so.

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  6. Given the campaign of high ratings for Dunkirk its scary to voice a dissenting view. There is no doubt that this is a digital effects spectacular, but despite some big name stars there is little character development and little historical context. If you did not know the story of Dunkirk you may be none the wiser after seeing this film. I gave it 3 1/2 stars for spectacle only.

    • Fair enough point Muse. I really loved what Nolan did and up until very recently I was expecting a bit of a Dunkirk history lesson as I actually no very little about the finer details of what occurred.
      But the more I pondered this film I realised I cant deny what Nolan achieved and as his goal seemed to be to throw us into the fight for survival rather than developing cliché war characters or an historically insightful accounting for the evacuation, I think he achieved it brilliantly.

      • You are right of course. What he set out to do he did brilliantly. IMO its a shame that most viewers will walk out of the cinema not knowing much about the history of Dunkirk.

      • A valid point Muse.
        I know I’d be up for another film centred around this incredible moment of history, as here in Aus we don’t know it as well as we should.

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