Film Review – Trespass Against Us (2016)

Title – Trespass Against Us (2016)

Director – Adam Smith (feature debut)

Cast – Michael Fassbender, Brendan Gleeson, Rory Kinnear, Sean Harris, Lyndsey Marshal

Plot – Traveling gypsy family the Cutler’s led by Colby (Gleeson) and son Chad (Fassbender) live outside the law enacting out petty crimes but Chad who has a family of his own now is looking to break the mould and escape the criminal life in hopes of finding something better.

“Your dad’s a legend Tyson”

Review by Eddie on 13/06/2017

Whenever you have the skill-set of Michael Fassbender and Brendan Gleeson at your disposal there’s going to be a certain level of expectation attached to your product and while first time director Adam Smith and screenwriter Alastair Siddons story has many possibilities attached to it, this English set family drama that mixes in uneasy crime and comedy undertones is a highly disappointing affair.

Trespass Against Us starts out in promising fashion as we’re thrust into the caravan lives of the Cutler family led by Gleeson’s matriarchal figure Colby, with his right hand man and son coming in the form of Fassbender’s Chad, but things within Smith’s film start to fall apart as we become aware that the film is finding it unnaturally tough when it comes to balancing the various plot threads and strands that are flowing through the veins of the picture.

We’re thrown around from random robberies, car chases, family dramas and animal killings without much care for making us in fact care about what’s going on and at the end of the day Smith’s film that initially seems like something cut from a different cloth ends up being yet another poor criminal trying to be better than his upbringing suggests and also acts out another disappointing experience from Michael Fassbender’s recent career lull.

A few years ago on the back of breakouts in Hunger and Inglorious Basterds then star making turns in 12 Years a Slave and Shame, Fassbender seemed likely to enter into another stage of his career only to be central to disappointments like Assassin’s Creed, Light Between Oceans and The Counselor and while his actual performance as Chad here is one of his best in a few years, it’s a shame the talented performer is starting to frequent feature films that are far from matching his undeniable talents as a leading man.

Final Say –

There’s some nice things happening through Trespass Against Us but they’re moments that are few and far between when we are emotionally unattached from a majority of the films occurrences and while Fassbender is working hard and Gleeson is as stoic as ever, this small scale family crime drama is a hugely disappointing experience that was disguised as a fresh take on a familiar scenario.

1 ½ fire extinguishers out of 5

17 responses to “Film Review – Trespass Against Us (2016)

  1. It could have worked with a better ending. I feel like we were supposed to take from that ending that Fassbender’s character finally learned something and was going to change, but I didn’t really get that feeling from it. He’s still in trouble over something stupid and he still never stood up to his father, so really nothing has changed for any of them. I suppose it’s possible that that was the point, but that’s not any more satisfying.

  2. I wanted to like this. But the accents were all over the place and the story failed to engage my interest. The two great leads and a few very good performances failed to lift a movie that failed to inspire me, for all the reasons you give.

  3. Fassbender was excellent as Magneto in the X-Men reboots. I don’t remember him standing out in Prometheus. That entire film is so forgettable, which is likely a good thing.

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