Film Review – Patient 62 (2016)

Title – Patient 62 (2016)

Directors – Rick Anthony and Bryce Schlamp (feature debuts)

Cast – Reece Wagner, Chrissy Mozylisky, Andrew Valdez, Glenn LaPointe, Anna Seibel

Plot – Everyday guy Lucas Chance (Wagner) gets caught up in an underground crime ring when he sets out to find his missing sister Angela (Seibel), whose disappeared and is being held captive by an organisation conducting potentially human-altering experiments.

“What kind of demon are you?”

Review by Eddie on 31/08/2017

A grungy and grimy micro-budgeted thriller that moulds in elements of sci-fi and a few additional scenes of blood splatter, Patient 62 lacks little in imagination and ambition, despite it being held back frequently by its DIY nature.

Directed by duo Rick Anthony and Bryce Schlamp, Patient 62 sees a collection of actors who all seem very far from professional, get thrown into a seedy underground world of stolen working class girls, shady organisations and potentially human-altering experiments, as everyday guy Lucas Chance joins forces with wannabe DJ Dennis and hunting store employee Twitch, as the trio go off in search of Lucas’s missing sister Angela.

Anthony and Schlamp’s film takes a turn into the wild when the group realise this is anything but a straightforward missing person mystery as they get caught up in a deadly game between a group of angry looking thugs who aren’t afraid to shot first and ask questions later.

It’s a straight up B-movie set-up that makes little to no logical sense but there’s little denying everyone involved in this bizarre ride is totally committed to what’s going on and when the cast and crew of a movie such as this is having fun, you as an audience member end up having more fun than you know you should be having, as things get more and more out of hand.

Patient 62 throws in random K.O’s of driving pedestrians, exploding baddies, out of the blue combat cross-bow killings and telekinesis amongst other things and if you allow yourself to forget production values, acting skills, logic and substance, Patient 62 ends up being a ride you can happily be a part of and there’s enough out there ideas and playfulness going on here that suggests should Anthony and Schlmap come across a bigger budget for their next feature adventure, something special could potentially come together.

Final Say –

Taken for what it is, a micro-budgeted oddity, Patient 62 offers up a wild ride that makes little sense and features a distinct lack of artistic polish but that’s not the type of film Patient 62 is trying to be and that’s ok, as the movie world can always do with a little more rough, raw and riotous experiences like Patient 62 offers up.

2 pairs of headphones out of 5

To read more about Patient 62 and its history visit –

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