Film Review – Sleepless (2017)

Title – Sleepless (2017)

Director – Baran bo Odar (Who am I)

Cast – Jamie Foxx, Michelle Monaghan, Dermot Mulroney, Scoot McNairy, T.I, Octavius J. Johnson, Gabrielle Union, David Harbour

Plot – Courting the line of the law, Las Vegas cop Vincent Downs (Foxx) is forced to go head to head with criminal heavy hitters Stanley Rubino (Mulroney) and the bloodthirsty Rob Novak (McNairy) after his son Thomas (Johnson) is taken hostage and used as a bartering tool for a missing drugs shipment.

“This city is crawling with dirty cops”

Review by Eddie on 26/09/2017

Sleepless, they really should’ve called this movie “Sleeping”, as it’s exactly what the audience will be doing as they trudge through this 90 minute thriller that fails to ignite in any way, shape or form as Jamie (real name Eric Marlon Bishop) Foxx’s in over his head cop Vincent Down’s goes to a hotel/casino and then spends of the rest of the film’s running time there as he battles baddies and try’s to right his wrongs.

A remake of the 2011 French film Sleepless Night, Sleepless has the potential to be a high concept action/thriller with twists, turns, bumps and bruises but as directed by Switzerland based Baran bo Odar, this bargain bin worthy experience is an utter waste of story potential and talent potential as Foxx is joined by slumming it co-stars such as Michelle Monaghan and Scott McNairy (sporting what could well be the years worst feature film hair-do), who all try to no avail to plug the many various holes in this sinking ship.

It’s been some years since our last Foxx hit, we go all the way back to Django Unchained for this, and Sleepless does feel as though we are seeing Foxx enter into new territory where he begins to find himself headlining rather lethargic procedurals. A shame for an Oscar winning actor that can do and should do much better than this film that surely couldn’t have read well on paper.

It has been many a year too since Monaghan has found herself making use of her considerable talent, while Scoot McNairy continues on a recent run of impressive and standout turns in not particularly great features but you get the sense the hardworking character actor is quite close to delivering a genuinely unmissable performance in a film worthy of it.

Other elements of Sleepless are barely worth discussing as Odar try’s but fails to bring energy into the film. Bad guys do bad guy things, cops try to do good things and often fail and Gabrielle Union gets angry at Foxx’s Vincent for being a bad daddy, it’s truly hard for the watcher to care as no one here is likeable enough or disposable enough to invest in and as is the usual with films of this ilk, it’s not hard to see where things are heading with about 30 minutes of dull action still to transpire.

Final Say –

Taking place in Sin City itself Las Vegas, Sleepless commits the mortal thriller sin of being utterly boring, predictable and overly pedestrian. Barely making use of its big name cast and doing nothing we haven’t seen before and seen done a lot better, Sleepless is a dull, forgettable and lifeless event that should be avoided at all costs.

1 bag of sugar out of 5

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