Short Film Review – The Survivor: A Tale From the Nearscape (2017)

Title – The Survivor: A Tale From the Nearscape (2017)

Director – Christopher Carson Emmons (Serial Daters Anonymous)

Cast – Nick Kordysh, Sam Kozé, Anna Kordysh, Matthew Nichols

Plot – Set in the not too distant future, young boy and survivor Billy (Kordysh) must traverse the dangerous apocalyptic landscape of his world to help find medicine for his sick mother.

“I’m a good judge of character”

Review by Eddie on 28/09/2017

Taking cues from 80’s classics of old like Escape From New York and more modern day influences such as Bethesda’s gaming juggernaut Fallout, The Survivor: A Tale From the Nearscape is an impressive short film, that if nothing else makes you wish for a more in depth delving into of this futuristic landscape.

Directed by promising filmmaker Christopher Carson Emmons, Survivor throws us headfirst into this dangerous futuristic landscape that is Mad Max and Borderlands like in its industrialised apocalypse that seems ravaged by an unnamed sickness, cannibalistic religious zealots and a gun toting security force that seems far more intent on shooting first and asking questions later.

It’s in this world that Nick Kordysh’s Billy inhabits, along with his robotic and AI infused toy robot, a harsh unrelenting landscape that truly does take a survivor to outlast.

It’s an impressively designed world and even though Emmons and his team only have roughly 11 minutes of screen time to play with, Survivor does what every short film does and leaves us wanting more.

There feels like a world of opportunities that lay await in this futuristic landscape, or as the title says, a nearscape that could quite possibly be a reality sooner rather than later for a world that looks increasingly likely to implode at any moment.

As is to be expected with low budget short films, Survivor does suffer from slight drawbacks such as some rough acting delivery and a script that would’ve benefited from a quick polish but the film universe surrounding these issues are worth overlooking when focusing on the positives of this intriguing and above average effort.

Final Say –

Apocalyptic cinema fans should look no further for their next dosage of an end of the world fix as Survivor is an impressive short film effort that while rough around the edges, sets up a potential Nearscape universe that could offer some truly special expeditions.

3 unhelpful bodyguards out of 5

To find out more about The Survivor or to watch the film visit the movie’s official website at –

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