Film Review – Going in Style (2017)

Title – Going in Style (2017)

Director – Zach Braff (Wish I Was Here)

Cast – Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Alan Arkin, Matt Dillon, Joey King, John Ortiz, Christopher Lloyd

Plot – Aged citizens and life-long friends Joe (Caine), Willie (Freeman) and Albert (Arkin) decide to rob a bank after their pensions have been revoked and they all face the prospect of financial ruin.

“These banks practically destroyed this country. They crushed a lot of people’s dreams”

Review by Eddie on 29/11/2017

You can see the great movie that could’ve been when watching Going in Style, Zach Braff’s take on golden oldies getting up to no good but unfortunately the great movie eludes Braff and his team of beloved Hollywood veterans in a film that never achieves great laughs nor great heist heights.

Enlisting an enviable trio in the form of Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin, Braff struggles to bring life to this rather ho-hum story of a group of aging factory workers who are all starring down the barrel of debt and financial heartache after their pensions have been revoked with the trio deciding there’s no better way to answer their money needs than by robbing a bank.

It’s a simplistic set-up in a lot of ways but one that could provide a lot of cheap yet hearty laughs but Braff who wowed many a critic around the world with his directional debut Garden State, continues on with his mediocre stretch that included his last passion project Wish I Was Here and fails to mine any solid comedic gold from his capable cast and potentially rip-roaring pensioner lead heist.

Centred around Caine’s good hearted Joe and his two best friends/roommates in the form of Freeman’s Willie and Arkin’s cantankerous Albert, Style does allow these three ageing acting heavyweights time to showcase their charisma together but you feel like a lot of laughs are missed due to some fairly pedestrian writing and plotting that never meets the stars at their level.

Some rather easy laughs are bought to proceedings like the 3 old-timers gathered around the TV watching a Batchelor finale or enjoying each other’s company at their favourite 24hr diner but a lot of larger scale jokes fall flat and while the heist does liven up proceedings slightly once it hits, the lead up and planning stage of it will have many napping like a nanna on the couch.

Final Say –

No matter how bad things threaten to get there’s a joy getting to watch three esteemed actors enjoy themselves on screen but the material in Going in Style is not worthy of the actors reputation. Blowing a potential old-school comedy classic on an easy to digest crowd pleaser that will be forgotten before too long, this is another misguided Zach Braff outing that makes you wonder if Garden State was but a flash in the pan.

2 pieces of pie out of 5  

4 responses to “Film Review – Going in Style (2017)

  1. The big positive this movie had going for it was to see Caine, Freeman, and Arking together on-screen. Beyond that, this movie was pretty forgetful and unmemorable. Good review!

  2. Apparently there was a 1979 Martin Brest film called Going in Style about three aging men robbing a bank. Haven’t seen it myself, but it was probably better than Braff’s dud. Thoughts?

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