Film Review – The Disaster Artist (2017)

Title – The Disaster Artist (2017)

Director – James Franco (Child of God)

Cast – James Franco, Dave Franco, Seth Rogen, Alison Brie, Jacki Weaver, Josh Hutcherson, Zac Efron

Plot – Examines the history behind the making of cult classic movie The Room from the beginnings of wannabe actors Greg Sestero (D. Franco) and Tommy Wiseau’s (J. Franco) friendship, through to the premiere of their feature length passion project.

“Just because you want it doesn’t mean it can happen”

Review by Eddie on 08/12/2017

The Disaster Artist is a fairly ironic experience; one of 2017’s most purely enjoyable films, based entirely around what could very well be the worst film ever made.

For those that have thrown a spoon or two in honour of Tommy Wiseau’s 2003 shocker The Room, a crime against cinema that has in turn become a cult favourite amongst cinema elite as well as casual cinemagoers, James Franco’s newest passion project as director and star will be an absolute treat, while for newcomers to the bizarre universe of The Room, The Disaster Artist will act as a genuinely laugh out loud experience that acts as a fascinating look at the movie making process.

Based on The Room co-star and Wiseau’s best friend Greg Sestero’s best-selling memoir of the same name, The Disaster Artist offers a captivating look at both the beginnings of Sestero’s and Wiseau’s budding friendship and collaborative partnership, as well as an hilarious, shocking and cringe-worthy look at how The Room was birthed into existence from the mind of Wiseau and how the multi-million dollar film was made.

At the heart of this tale is a commanding and awards worthy turn from James Franco as Wiseau, who has with this production overcome a bizarre career patch of countless movies and so-so turns to remind us all once more of the talent that he possesses.

For those familiar with the persona and mannerisms of the bizarre creature that is Tommy Wiseau, Franco’s performance will quickly blend into a freakishly accurate and incredibly on-point inhabitation of the egomaniacal filmmaker and movie star.

From the way in which Franco walks, talks, looks and of course laughs (Tommy getting his Ha Ha on is as creepy as you remember), Franco delivers what could well be his best performance to date and it’s a turn that transcends imitation and becomes an actor at one with his character.

Surrounded by a bunch of notable co-stars (as is the norm with a Franco production) like Seth Rogen, Alison Brie, Sharon Stone, Josh Hutcherson (winning the years worst movie haircut award) and a scene-stealing Zac Efron, all of whom have somewhat minor yet important roles, The Disaster Artist is a the type of event where you can tell everyone was having just as much fun making the film, as we are watching it.

If there are criticisms of the film, they fall firstly at the feet of Franco’s brother Dave who gets one of his biggest roles yet as Sestero but his not at the same level of his brother and it’s hard to ever see the younger of the Franco brothers ever becoming a regular leading man, while The Disaster Artist as a whole is a fairly light on depth ride, there’s not lasting substance to be found here, just a legitimately fun movie about the making of a terrible one, nothing more and nothing less.

Final Say –

A film that will likely be a different experience for those that have watched The Room and those that haven’t, The Disaster Artist is a film that will appeal to both portions of the viewers as one of the year’s most enjoyable big releases, that offers an often fascinating insight into how one of the 21st century’s biggest cultural phenomenon’s came to be.

4 surprisingly valid cheques out of 5

11 responses to “Film Review – The Disaster Artist (2017)

      • Even then, I’ve really liked him in stuff everyone seems to dislike. ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’, for example. Not to mention, he’s perfectly evil in the Raimi Spider-man movies.

      • Yeh I dig his work in both those films mate, heck I even like him in City by the Sea with De Niro. I just think recently his been in far to much and taken on far to many projects so quality control had gone out the window. But this was a good return to form.

  1. James Franco, is definitely one of the more eccentric guys in Hollywood. He’s written novels and short stories that were turned into films, he’s directed films based on William Faulkner and Cormac McCartny classic’s and a film based on missing scenes from William Friedkin’s Cruising , made a few music albums and went back to college to study film when he was a well known movie star.

    But he’s widely erratic to boot, a lot of phoned in performances in films that are frankly beneath him, a few stoner comedies (he was brilliant in Pineapple Express mind you) and frankly crappy arthouse films. But within those he comes up with a performance like he did in Spring Breakers or 127 hours that you forgive him.

    But The Disaster Artist is his crowning glory, I have to disagree with you on Dave Franco, I thought he was excellent in this and was perfect counter balance to James. But this is James Franco’s film all the way and I wouldn’t be upset if he won for Best Actor at the Oscars, the performance is that good. He gives Tommy Wiseau a heart and also a darkness that I couldn’t see be given in the hands of anyone else, Tommy is a egomanic and a dislikeable sod at times and the film doesn’t shy away from that. But Franco makes you root for him and his mannerisms are on point too.

    I put this beside Riot in Cell block 99 as one of the best surprises of 2017 for me.

    • Some great thoughts there Looper!

      I am a fan of some of his work, just wish he would take some more time every now and then to really give the roles and films he makes the attention they deserve.

      Can’t wait to see Brawl in Cell Block 99, looks like a real unique piece of work.

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