Site Announcement

By Eddie on 19/03/2018

Today I share with you all some good (at least I hope it is) and sad news.

First of all the sad.

After thought and consideration Jordan, the man responsible for the creation of this blog and a long-time dear friend of myself is officially no longer writing for The Movie Guys.

After a long time coming, the good man has decided to focus his attention away from blogging life.

Nothing untoward has occurred to make this happen, merely a changing of the times in Jordan’s life and I’m sure I speak for many long-time readers of our blog when I say thanks to him for his work on the blog over the roughly 5 years we’ve been in operation.

Now the good news.

I will be sticking around and continuing to run The Movie Guys blog, my love for movies remains strong and my enjoyment of sharing my thoughts and views hasn’t wavered over the years.

Although there will be less content published on this blog than in the heydays of the site, I look forward to having discussions with you all in the years to come and hope you can stick around for the journey.

So as one door closes, another one opens, until then;

Happy reading and happy watching!


20 responses to “Site Announcement

  1. Really sorry to see you go, Jordan but it’s great that the site will continue. You stopped me from seeing The Water Diviner and, for that, I can’t thank you enough. Final say – 4 Jordans out of 5

  2. Oh wow. Jordan will definitely be missed. It’s really sad, but all us bloggers understand his decision. Glad to know that Movie Guys will be around. Looking forward to it!!!

  3. I haven’t been following your blog for a long time, but I must admit I always feel sad when things like that happen, because sooner or later it will happen to any blog, and that is part of life… Stay strong, guys!

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