Film Review – Cursed (2016)

Title – Cursed (2016)

Director – Britt Kynde (feature debut)

Cast – Britt Kynde, Chris Charteris, Elora Wilson, Paul Tucker, Dave Beamish, Ian G. Westley

Plot – On one fateful Friday the 13th, housemates Cat (Kynde), couple Nan (Wilson) and Dan (Tucker) alongside Dan’s friends Reefer (Charteris) and Glenn (Beamish) find themselves trapped inside their house after a neighbour places a curse upon them all.

“Be Kind to Thy Neighbour”

Review by Eddie on 05/04/2018

After watching new independent Australian comedy Cursed, it’s likely you won’t be signing up to be a part of a sharehouse or inviting your best friend to come crash at your house.

Created by its writing/directing star Britt Kynde (here making her debut in all forms), Cursed is a quirky and unique low-budget effort that’s as rough around the edges as you’d expect but also an oddly charming effort, that calls to mind famous independent debuts like Kevin Smith’s Clerks and quirky offerings in a similar vein to Wes Anderson’s Bottle Rocket.

Centring around Kynde’s Cat, a loudmouth and rude member of Elora Wilson’s Nan and Paul Tucker’s Dan household that has a curse placed upon it by an angry neighbour one fateful Friday the 13th, meaning all members of the house at that time are not to take step outside unless they wish to die, Cursed is a darkly pitched comedy with elements of a romcom and comedy/horror that above all things offers up a fantastic calling card for Kynde and the type of premise that seems like a plausible offering for a high-profile remake.

In a dialogue heavy and location light set-up, Cursed doesn’t always hit the right quirk buttons and Cat can at times be a highly dislikeable creation but filmed with a sense of genuine love and care, Cursed becomes a highly watchable and sometimes charming offering that is both unpredictable and filled to the brim with loveable characters.

Nan and Dan are the perfect straight up couple to Cat’s crazy whirlwind while the addition of Dan’s friends (and unfortunately deceased beings) Glen and Reefer and kindly delivery man Dennis enliven Cursed’s proceedings and as we begin to spend more time with everyone stuck in this suburban setting we start to feel a connection to these people who transform steadily into relatable and likeably flawed humans.

Final Say –

A freshly original independent Australian offering and a solid calling card for its creator and star Kynde, Cursed is filled with flaws and rough edges but thanks to an undeniable charm and ability to create a fresh and unique set-up, this is a memorable feature length debut and a solid option for those seeking out their next dosage of Australian film.

3 Gold Coast Suns guernsey’s out of 5  

Cursed is out now on Vimeo

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