Short Film Review – Torment (2017)

Title – Torment (2017)

Director – Lachlan Siemsen (feature debut)

Cast – Jordan Devitre, Emma Potts, Robbie Ryde

Plot – A man’s most malevolent thoughts become manifested to test him as he faces conflict in his relationship.

“I don’t want you to freak out”

Review by Eddie on 30/11/2018

It’s not going to leave you with warm and fuzzy feelings but Australian short film Torment is a great showcase for a talented bunch of local artists that hopefully all stick it out in the industry.

Directed by student filmmaker Lachlan Siemsen (here making his debut as director), Torment stars up and coming performers Robbie Ryde and Emma Potts as troubled couple Cain and Eve, who find their relationship tested to its limits after finding out they are having a baby and Cain’s inefficiencies as an adult begin to take a toll, with Cain’s drug habits and lack of work ethic causing the main concern.

Within this confronting narrative Siemsen is able to use Cain’s troubled mindset and inward battles in a thematic way as Cain begins to see his very conscience come to life in the form of Jordan Devitre’s creepy The Entity, making this young man’s battle all the harder as he tries to remain clean and become the man Eve needs him to be.

Through this emotionally heavy narrative Siemsen shows himself to be a director with a keen eye and when paired together with Joshua Slabber’s atmospheric music and Lu Yaozi’s thoughtful camera work, Torment is a cut above most student film offerings.

Production elements aside, Torment acts also as a fine calling card for local performers Ryde and Potts who make the difficult material work. On the basis of this effort, the two actors should be well on their way to moving into further projects that will see them become stars of the future.

Final Say –

Not easy viewing thanks to its subject matter and rough around some edges in ways you expect from a student film, Torment is a fine calling card for all involved and an above average short film that’s worth checking out.

3 ½ dinner bombshells out of 5

To watch Torment for yourself see below –

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