Film Review – Hotel Artemis (2018)

Title – Hotel Artemis (2018)

Director – Drew Pearce (feature debut)

Cast – Jodie Foster, Sterling K. Brown, Sofia Boutella, Jeff Goldblum, Charlie Day, Zachary Quinto, Father John Misty, Jenny Slate, Dave Bautista

Plot – Set in a futuristic Los Angeles, Hotel Artemis is an emergency room for criminals run by its leader The Nurse (Foster) that comes under siege after robber Waikiki (Brown) ends up in the facility after a daring heist.

“You can’t pick what you’re good at or who you love. This is what I do”

Review by Eddie on 07/03/2019

It wasn’t exactly one of 2018’s highest profile releases but with a loaded cast and an central idea that screams potential and crowd-pleaser, Hotel Artemis ends up being one of last year’s big disappointments.

The first feature film from Iron Man 3 and Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation writer Drew Pearce, Artemis so easily could’ve been a film with abundant smarts and sass, delivered through hip filmmaking and a charismatic cast but Pearce’s film feels rushed, hollow and rather plodding when it should’ve been anything but.

Set in the near future of Los Angles in 2028 where riots are common place and lawlessness abounds, Pearce introduces us to a hotel/hospital for criminals known as the Hotel Artemis that’s run by Jodie Foster’s The Nurse who alongside Dave Bautista as her lackey Everest runs a tight ship in a space filled with criminal types and shady dealers.

It’s a fantastic concept but one that Pearce only briefly ever gets something out of as the hotel finds itself under siege after Sterling K. Brown’s robber and guest attracts the unwanted attention of crime lord The Wolf King after unwillingly taking one of his prized possessions.

The brief moments that work such as a hallway fight with Sofia Boutella’s assassin Nice are energetic and full of life but when the film is largely built around characters we know very little about or scenarios that only ever feel half explored, its hard for us to get excited about this futuristic action thriller that doesn’t have enough of either of its genre’s to be worth a recommendation.

Films such as Dread or The Raid proved well and truly that action thrillers could be thrilling in a single location setting but Artemis features none of the pizazz or skills that were evident in those films, instead feeling like a by the numbers thriller without an ounce of real originality.

It’s even more of a shame when you consider that Pearce not only squandered the idea of his high-concept narrative but his cast who outside of Foster and Brown barely get anything of note to work with.

Supports such as Charlie Day, Jeff Goldblum, Zachary Quinto and Jenny Slate get scarily little to do with their roles showcasing the films glaring problem with making the most of the tools at its disposal.

Final Say –

A squandered opportunity to create magic with a talented cast and a highly entertaining concept, Hotel Artemis is a dull and mostly lifeless experience that should’ve been something so much more.

2 fire axes out of 5

6 responses to “Film Review – Hotel Artemis (2018)

  1. I liked this film. 3.5/5 for me. I think it has a great foundation, but the second half needed another draft. Too many slow moments and disappointing payoffs. One of the bigger tension moments in the film is when Sterlin K Brown and his brotato chip have the wolf king’s diamonds and the wolf king is coming to the hotel. Well…the Wolf King had no idea they had his diamonds and he went to that hotel because he liked Jodie’s character. So…tension gone. I still don’t understand Jodie’s character arc. I mean I know she found courage to leave the hotel but…she’s not really doing anything different. Either way I thought it was a good debut and look forward to see his next projects.

    • I just found this was a film with a lot of cool ideas and really interesting characters but none of it came together for me. A big missed opportunity.

  2. I recently just watched this film, and I’m not quite sure what to think honestly. Part of me, was really exciting for this to come out, the trailer looked rad, but watching the film, I found myself bored. There were a few moments that worked, and I liked a lot of the actors in the film, Foster & Goldblum, but I feel this film was lacking –

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