Film Review – Fish Out of Water (2019)

Title – Fish Out of Water (2019)

Director – Israel Cannan (feature debut)

Cast – Tom Hudson, Pete Fletcher

Plot – A documentary exploring the lives of friends, workers and every day Aussie’s Tom Hudson and Pete Fletcher, as the duo set off on a life changing voyage across the ocean from New York to London in a wooden rowboat.

“I don’t know a lot about the sea, but I’m intrigued by it”

Review by Eddie on 25/03/2019

Have you ever thought about crossing the 3,000 mile stretch of ocean from New York to London, on a row boat?

The answer is more than likely no but just because this concept sounds like a far flung bit of craziness (because it most certainly is) doesn’t mean you shouldn’t track down independent Australian doco Fish Out of Water to get a genuine first-hand look at what this experience would look like.

Following everyday Australian blue collar workers and mates Tom Hudson and Pete Fletcher on their 2014 quest to traverse the dangerous passage of water on the North Atlantic Ocean, up and coming director Israel Cannan’s (who also contributes to the film via the score and other post-production elements) documentary may be short in length but it’s an engrossing and compassionate exploration of determination and friendship and a reminder to us all that our dreams and desires can indeed be met should we wish to chase them.

Hudson and Fletcher make for a likable duo, relatable humans dealing with relevant issues, looking to escape the prison of society and mental demons by joining forces to accomplish a seemingly foolhardy expedition.

To put it into context as the Cannan’s film explains, over 4400 people have climbed Mount Everest yet only 55 have rowed the North Atlantic Ocean, meaning the adventure Hudson and Fletcher are undertaking is both a perilous and fraught with danger journey that Cannan captures in the lead up to the voyages launch and the two central figures capturing as they spend months on the ocean, reliant on their wits and courage as they battle the elements alone.

It’s an at times tension riddled experience, as the warts and all nature of this undertaking takes place, it’s not pretty at times and stunning at others (a dolphin strewn ocean or early morning sunrise) which makes the film feel natural and honestly constructed, showcasing a highly promising future for Cannan who manages to imbue his film with a real heart and passion that makes Fish a must-see experience.

Final Say –

A fascinating first-hand insight into a seemingly impossible dream, Fish Out of Water is a brilliantly realized local and independent offering that gives viewers an opportunity to go on an adventure they would’ve previously never have dreamed about.

4 sardines out of 5

Fish Out of Water is Available to rent/purchase from April 1st

*Australia/NZ/Singapore: exclusive streaming via iWonder

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To find out more about the film CLICK HERE

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