Film Review – Rottentail (2019)

Title – Rottentail (2019)

Director – Brian Skiba (Defending Santa)

Cast – Corin Nemec, William McNamara, Dominique Swain, Gianni Capaldi, Vincent De Paul, Brian Skiba

Plot – Mild-mannered and softly spoken scientist Peter Cotton (Nemec) turns into rabbit-human hybrid Rottentail after his bitten by a genetically mutated rabbit in a lab experiment turned bad.

“Hippity Hoppity Homicide”

Review by Eddie on 04/04/2019

When you head into a movie that is about a mild-mannered scientist turning into a rabbit/human hybrid after his bitten by a genetically mutated lab creation, you’re not going into it expecting the next Citizen Kane or Godfather, making new horror comedy Rottentail the perfect dose of b-movie fun should you head into it with the right expectations.

In many ways you could say that Rottentail is the Citizen Kane of rabbit themed horror/comedies (not exactly a big pool to compete against) as thanks to its director Brian Skiba and a more than willing cast, Rottentail is a bundle of over the top and zany low-budget goodness that should make for the perfect Easter weekend night in with a movie.

Thankfully knowing what it is and what it should be focused on, Rottentail never tries to be anything that it’s not and fully embraces its completely bonkers plot-line to create something that is fast moving and never far from its off-centre and kooky conception.

Based on the graphic novel of the same name, Skiba and his team stick close to the source material as they follow Stargate SG-1 and Supernatural alumni Corin Nemec’s outrageous rabbitman Peter Cotton, on a bloodthirsty adventure as he turns from geeky and reserved scientist into the full blown murderous Rottentail, that sees him venture back to his old town of Easter Falls to settle past scores and stop a nefarious church organisation from taking over his old hunting ground.

It’s all as silly as it sounds and totally over the top but it’s great to see Skiba and his team embrace the oddball nature of this tale and with Nemec diving headfirst into his dual roles, Rottentail benefits greatly from a sense of playfulness and glee that will allow it to be a hit amongst both comedy fans, genre fans and those that may be long standing fans of the source material.

As is ever the case with a film of this ilk, Rottentail is rough around the edges, features a few irksome turns from some of its supporting players and lacks some pizzazz that’s found in higher profile productions but then again, a story in the vein of Rottentail should be grimy and dirty and in many way suits the aesthetic of the whole wild adventure.

Final Say –

Never taking itself too seriously and full of a sense of playfulness and zaniness, Rottentail is the film you should sink your teeth into this Easter period and one of the year’s most enjoyable independent offerings.

3 spas out of 5

Rottentail will be released in select American cinemas on April 12th

To find out more about the film CLICK HERE 

2 responses to “Film Review – Rottentail (2019)

  1. This looks like a heck load of fun, and being hailed as the Citizen Kane of rabbit-themed horror/comedies has to be the highest honour. Anyhow, this film had me at the first photo still. 🤣

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