Avengers: Endgame – 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited

Tony Stark has seen better days in the Endgame trailer

By Eddie on 12/04/2019

There’s no doubt it my mind, Endgame will be one of the biggest films of all time in regards to both box office figures and audience engagement.

After the roaring success of last year’s seriously good Infinity War, the newest bout of Avengers goodness deserves all the advance hype it’s getting as its highly likely directing duo the Russo brothers have another blockbuster treat in store for us.

For many, the journey of this Marvel universe has been over a decade in the making and if Endgame lives up to its title it’s highly likely this event film will feel like the end in many ways but also an exciting heralding in of a whole new chapter in one of the most beloved universes the world has ever seen.

We don’t have long to wait now so here are five reasons why you should be excited for Avengers: Endgame.

Happy reading and happy watching.

1. The End of an Era

Chris Evans has said that Endgame will be the last time he plays Captain America

We’ve had Marvel films for longer but this phase of the Marvel world domination started way back with 2008’s beloved Iron Man. 11 years on from that universe defining event Endgame reaches our shores and it feels like we may be seeing some of our favourite heroes on screen for the last time, an ushering out of the old and no doubt and heralding in of some new faces to the universe.

Read more about the end of this Marvel era here –


2. Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel will play a major role in the Endgame narrative

Dominating the box office over the last few weeks as been Marvel’s first solo female outing Captain Marvel and with Brie Larson making this role her own, it’s exciting to think about what lays in store when this near indestructible superhero joins up with the remaining Avengers squad. The potential battle between Captain Marvel and lead villain Thanos is a mouth-watering prospect indeed.

Find out what role Captain Marvel has to play in Endgame below –


3. The Runtime

Now that’s how you edit a movie!

In today’s climate it’s not often you find blockbuster event films that run for 3 hours but Endgame most certainly does at 182 minutes of official length.

It’s great to see the studio and the Russo Brothers back themselves in and not trim down their version of this important tale and I for one can’t wait for the bum-numbing runtime!

Get more insight into the epic runtime here –

Avengers: Endgame Runtime Officially Revealed

4. Josh Brolin

Thanos’s journey should come full circle in Endgame

One of my great concerns leading up to Infinity War was how big bad purple baddie Thanos was going to stack up with an abundance of screentime but thanks to Josh Brolin, Thanos quickly became one of the most memorable and spine-chilling villains in some time and arguably one of Marvel’s greatest achievements yet.

With his plan having taken place, it’s exciting to think of what Thanos and Brolin have in store for us here.

Hear from the man himself about how Thanos is travelling in a post-snap world in this article –


5. Goose the Cat

Goose, a living legend and potentially important Endgame player

It’s not often a feline side-character steals the show but that’s exactly what Goose (the cat) did in Captain Marvel.

Not your everyday run of the mill furball, Goose may just play a significant role in Endgame but regardless of that, it’ll just be awesome to see the ginger legend on the big screen again!

For some Goose related Endgame goodness check out this article below –

The AVENGERS: ENDGAME Poster with Goose the Cat As Every Character

Avengers: Endgame hits Australian cinema screens on Wednesday April 24th

14 responses to “Avengers: Endgame – 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited

    • It’s worth it mate. I wouldn’t say I am the world’s biggest die hard fans but their quality control is incredible.
      Infinity War really blew me away, such a well done ensemble film.

  1. Love it!! We’ve got our tickets! As the resolution to Thanos’ rapture-esque “snap” is finally here, I am excited but also kind of sad. However it ends, it will be bittersweet as we say farewell to these, earth’s mightiest heroes. Thank goodness for DVD!

  2. Interesting list! I like how you incorporated relevant article links into your post. Have you heard about how some theater and ticket websites crashed because that many people wanted tickets? Or how some people were apparently selling Avengers: Endgame tickets on Ebay for up to $1,000? It all sounds like cinematic history in the making.

    • It’s crazy isn’t it! I have a feeling that Endgame has a legitimate chance to challenge Avatar for highest grossing film of all time.

      • Has to be done, I think – it’s already nigh-on impossible to avoid spoilery ‘hints’. I sat through the trailer every time with my fingers in my ears – I don’t want to know *anything*!

      • I’m pretty shattered that so many spoilers have already come out. I am going to be working over time avoiding them.

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