SCINEMA – International Science Film Festival 2019

By Eddie on 17/05/2019

Science fans and cinema fans alike can officially get excited with the 2019 Science Film Festival set to roll-out across the countries major cities in from May 28th through to June 13th.

The largest festival of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, the 2019 Scinema Festival offers a range of science oriented film offerings that will get the mind and hearts racing in equal measure.

For a further rundown on what you can expect from this year’s showcase see below.

Happy reading and happy watching!


The largest science-based film festival in the Southern Hemisphere is about to roll out across Australia, and you may never be quite the same again. SCINEMA (pron Sci-nema) is presented by Australia’s Science Channel and supported by major sponsor BBC Earth.

This year’s line-up is stunning and powerful. Premiere screenings will occur at 14 major locations across Australia from May 28 to June 13 see location and pricing details here. (People will also be able to access these amazing films later in the year for free during National Science Week in August.)

The SCINEMA International Science Film Festival is an amazing two-hour viewing experience, bringing together the best in science feature, short, documentary, animation and experimental films from filmmakers around the world.

This year’s program will showcase such offerings as:

The Face of a Stranger: After a 2011 hunting accident, this Quebec man thought he’d live forever with half a face. Then a confident young surgeon made an extraordinary offer. Face of Stranger takes us on a medical journey of epic proportions – where the odds of success are less than ideal. That didn’t bother the prospective patient, 65-year-old Maurice Desjardins, who desperately needed a facial transplant operation.

700 Sharks: In a ground breaking experiment, five of the world’s most experienced underwater scientists dive among 700 starving sharks.

Vitamania: Almost one billion people take a regular dietary supplement, mainly vitamins. But how safe are these products?

The Most Unknown: Nine scientists go to extraordinary parts of the world to uncover unexpected answers to some of humanities biggest questions.

Smart Slime: It’s neither plant, animal or fungus, but a giant single cell that crawls around eating dead matter. This film introduces us to the quirky work of two high profile slime researchers.

Plus many more!


Established in 2000. SCINEMA International Science Film Festival is the largest science film festival in the southern hemisphere. Presented by Australia’s Science Channel, part of the Royal Institution of Australia, and proudly supported by BBC Earth, SCINEMA provides a platform for filmmakers to showcase their science films series and documentaries.

For dates and more information visit:

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