Film Review – The Horror of Making My Film (2019)

Title – The Horror of Making My Film (2019)

Director – Kyan Kiani (feature debut)

Cast – Morrison James, Kyan Kiani, Keira Bird, Jasmine Msouli, Tallis Clarke

Plot – Finally making his debut feature film, Mr. H (Kiani) and his crew of actors find themselves in a deadly situation when the abandoned prison they are filming becomes a living hell.  

“Do you hear that voice?”

Review by Eddie on 23/05/2019

Making a feature film is hard work, full of blood, sweat, tears and pain and Australian filmmaker Kyan Kiani wants you to know about it!

Spawned out of the directors experience trying to get a feature film project off the ground, The Horror of Making My Film is sure to be a relatable and true to nature experience for anyone that’s tried to engage the film-making industry of this country, as Kiani utilizes his experience to craft a unique molding of documentary, horror, sci-fi and comedic satire on doing things your way.

It’s a high concept idea and one that drives Horror forward even when its rough, raw and sometimes amateurish nature takes centre stage but at all times Kiani’s film is a workmanlike and honest experience that should be an inspiration for others frustrated with the feature film industry.

Working on a small budget and casted with a bunch of up and coming local performers, Horror follows Kiani playing a version of himself as he assembles a group of actors for a feature film shoot in an abandoned prison, but low and behold things don’t end up going so smoothly when the cast and crew discover that they may not be able to leave the prison as easily as they came into it.

From here a wide ranging series of events occur, largely focused on Morrison James religious Andrew, Keira Bird’s Susan and Jasmine Msouli’s Maryanne, as the trio attempt to discover a way out of this hell they’ve found themselves in, including a set of dastardly puzzles and vicious deaths.

Infused with Kiani’s love of science of mathematics, Horror acts as an all-round hybrid of ideas and imaginations but its lack of scares, thrills or chills does begin to harm the film as the runtime wears on, with one wondering whether perhaps a more shortened version of this tale would’ve benefited the film, perhaps it would’ve masked the films limited budget and more haphazard aspects to greater effect.

You can’t speak too badly about the film however as its very existence acts as a reminder to all that nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams and kudos to Kiani for putting his money where his mouth is and making his passion project despite numerous knock backs.

Final Say –

The Horror of Making My Film should be sought out by all those budding local filmmakers and those both far and wide, as while it leaves a lot to be desired in its rough and raw delivery, Kiani’s film is a prime example of doing things your own way when others put down roadblocks.

2 label-less water bottles out of 5

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