Film Review – Journeyman (2017)

Title – Journeyman (2017)

Director – Paddy Considine (Tyrannosaur)

Cast – Paddy Considine, Jodie Whittaker, Paul Popplewell, Tony Pitts

Plot – Professional boxer Matty Burton (Considine) suffers a debilitating brain injury from a title fight putting pressure on the relationship between him and his wife Emma (Burton).

“Do you feel legit now?”

Review by Eddie on 25/06/2019

One of the most consistent and consistently underrated talents working in the industry today, British gun actor/filmmaker Paddy Considine has taken his time to step behind the director’s chair again after his heart wrenching debut Tyrannosaur from 2011 but Journeyman re-establishes the fact that Considine is a force behind and in-front of the camera.

Not as powerful as Tyrannosaur or as unique, with Journeyman feeling a little more like well-trodden ground, Considine’s film is still a great showcase for its lead performers in the form of Considine as champion boxer turned debilitated husband Matty Burton and Dr. Who herself Jodie Whittaker as Burton’s caring but concerned wife Emma.

A boxing drama that barely spends any time in the ring, viewers should understand that Considine isn’t concerned about following the general boxing movie tropes as he instead draws his focus away from the arena as we follow Burton on his journey to recovery after he suffers significant brain trauma in a title fight, ensuring the strain on his relationship with Emma and his friends is tested more than ever before.

Journeyman is a quiet affair, there’s not much grandstanding or cinematic flair on offer and while it would’ve been nice for Considine to shake-up the familiar formula more often, the film is clearly the work of a performer that knows and understands his craft and remains in tune with the human intricacies that more polished and large-scale films can often lose sight of.

Considine himself is great as the determined, flawed and broken Burton while Whittaker takes a backseat to Considine’s powerful turn, she to shows great heart and depth in her role, with the two top quality actors working magic when they get to share the screen together.

After Tyrannosaur and now this, it’s safe to say Considine is a fine director of actors and should he continue to attract the type of talent to his productions as he has, it’s an exciting fans for film fans the world to see what he has in store for us next.

Final Say –

It never punches above its weight class but Journeyman is another fine effort from one of the industry’s most underappreciated talents, a boxing film with a different goal than the usual affair, Journeyman is well worth tracking down.

3 washing machines out of 5

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    • One of the great underrated films mate and Considine is just amazing in it! He was really good in another Meadows film, A Room for Romeo Brass also.

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