Short Film Review – Accents (2019)

Title – Accents (2019)

Director – Andrew Carter (Revenge Tour)

Writers – Andrew Carter & Kahlil Maskati

Cast – Desi Ivanova, Craig Low, Shalonda Shaw Reese, Grace Hinson, Jason Markoff, Emily Gross

Plot – After a chance meeting with LA based Melbournian actor Lee (Low), budding actress Ziggy (Ivanova) decides to mix things up a bit in her next film audition.

“Find your voice. Or someone else’s”

Review by Eddie on 01/08/2019

The Australian accent.

You either love it or you hate but no matter how you feel about the divisive “Aussie drawl”, short film Accents should provide you with a hearty dosage of laughs over its brief 6 minute runtime.

Directed by Los Angeles based filmmaker/actor Andrew Carter, Accents see’s the director humorously examine the way in which Desi Ivanova’s budding Hollywood actress sees a career inroad by pretending to be an Australian actress when she per chance stumbles across Craig Low’s seemingly high-life living Melbournian actor who tells her about the benefits of being an Aussie in the City of Angels.

It’s a simplistic set-up but one that’s told with confidence and energy by Carter who ensures Accents is a well-shot, edited and solidly performed short film outing with Ivanova and Low more than up for the task as the two have their lives crossed over in a funny and unexpected manner.

You can’t help but feel as though Accents is born out of some form of truth, it feels inspired by real-life hearsay’s or happenings as Carter manages to make this absurdist little black comedy feel like it’s been cut from the book of life and in doing so there’s an easy going charm and charisma to the film that many short films struggle to conjure up in their brief and often instantly forgettable run-times.

For anyone that has experienced an insight into the often circus like Hollywood audition system or found themselves in the rat race that is the movie-making industry, Accents will be a short-fire blast while for the rest of us, we can be glad this whip smart short film outing exists as a fun and carefully crafted short film offering that is a joy to watch.

Final Say –

A fine showcase for its two lead performers and a finely tuned snippet into the Hollywood system, Accents is a strong addition to Andrew Carter’s regime that is hopefully only just beginning.

3 ½ awesome shirts out of 5

You can watch Accents for free online at –

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