10 Films to Help with the Corona Blues

The Princess Bride remains an ever watchable joy

List Compiled by Eddie on 20/03/2020

In these extremely unprecedented times of uncertainty and media driven fear, it’s important during our time of more couch hours that we find some quality entertainment to take our minds off the worries of our current climate.

With even our beloved cinemas closing for the foreseeable future, home viewing entertainment will be at an all-time high (if our internet holds up!), with these below film picks hopefully bringing a bit of light, love and laughter to a world landscape that now needs it more than ever.

Stay safe our there readers and movie lovers.

Happy reading and happy watching!

10. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)

If we find ourselves stuck inside at home what better way to escape than through our beloved Ferris’s out of the ordinary day off school. A genuine classic, John Hughes fun and energetic feature is the perfect antidote to the Corona blues.

9. The Peanut Butter Falcon (2019)

The friendship between Shia LaBeouf’s damaged Tyler and Zack Gottsagen’s Down Syndrome wrestling fan Zak makes for one of the most likeable and heart-warming odd-couple pairings in modern movie history. A small-scale film with human interactions its core business model, The Peanut Butter Falcon is the type of little film that reminds you of the good still out there in our big scary world.

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8. It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

One of the most well-regarded and well-known films of all time, Frank Capra’s undisputed gem is a piece of art deserving of its glowing reputation. Frustrated by life and the world around him, the journey James Stewart’s family man George Bailey takes one fateful festive period will leave you with a smile on your face that you won’t be able to remove any time soon.

7. La La Land (2016)

Full of colour, heart and more than its fair share of Jazz, La La Land is the type of whimsical and magical movie going experience that will transport you away from whatever troubles currently exist in your life. Anchored by some stunning chemistry between its leads Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, with the addition of some toe-tapping tunes, Damian Chazelle’s Oscar winning (and not-winning) musical is a real blast.

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6. Love Actually (2003)

Want to be reminded of the power of love and the importance it plays in our everyday lives? Then you probably know the answer is British treasure Love Actually. Sappy and no doubt manipulative, Richard Curtis’s oft-imitated but never bettered exercise in feel good movie making is a star-studded affair that you can’t help but fall head over heels for.

5. The Station Agent (2003)

Want to be reminded of the importance of friendship during hard times and the need for us as humans to be nice to one another? Tom McCarthy’s impressive directional effort The Station Agent is the film you never knew you needed. Heralding in the careers of Peter Dinklage and Bobby Cannavale, The Station Agent is an underrated gem.

4. Cinema Paradiso (1988)

This Italian masterpiece is both a stunning love letter to cinema and also a touching coming of age drama. In a time where we may not be able to pop down and sit amongst fellow cinema aficionados, Cinema Paradiso will transport us to straight to the place we all know and love through some magical moments created by director Giuseppe Tornatore.

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3. The Princess Bride (1987)

Oft-spoken about as one of the most beloved films of all-time, Rob Reiner’s classic fantasy adventure still stands up today as one of the most easily accessible and likeable films of all times. With countless classic moments littered throughout its run-time, now is perhaps the perfect time to revisit a film that has stood the test of time across generations. It’s almost inconceivable to think you wouldn’t want to watch such a cinematic treat.

2. The King of Kong (2007)

One of the ultimate good vs evil stories, that just so happens to be a documentary about the video game Donkey Kong, The King of Kong is the type of true life tale you would never be able to make up if you tried. A gripping 90 or so minutes, Seth Gordon’s captivating feature is a real high scoring winner.

1. 500 Days of Summer (2009)

A fantastical tale of love and life, 500 Days of Summer is the type of colourful and hyper-real feature that will be the perfect antidote to a few extra days stuck inside. With the winning combo of Joseph Gordon Levitt and Zoey Deschanel as our leads, Marc Webb’s inventive effort makes for thoroughly enjoyable viewing.

What’s your go to film when times are a little grim? Let me know in the comments below! 

16 responses to “10 Films to Help with the Corona Blues

  1. Have you followed the King of Kong story post the end of the documentary? The documentary sparked interest and scrutiny in Billy Mitchells records and he has lost a lot of them as a result. Good list Ed, but I think the list needs Edge of Tomorrow though 🙂

    • Great pick! What an underrated film.
      I haven’t seen much about the Kong story post doco, will have to do some research. At one stage I know the story was going to become a feature film.

  2. Nice to see that after 4 years you’ve moved on from the Oscar-snubbing of La La Land.
    In all seriousness though, thanks for the unexpected pick-me-up list. You’ve got a good mixture of comedy, indie, drama, and cheesy flicks here.
    As backwards/depressing as this sounds, my personal choice for this “season” is undoubtedly Take Shelter. I work in a supermarket (one of the only thriving industries in the U.S. at the moment) and trust me when I say the majority of people who come in are much like Curtis LaForche. Also the movie itself has excellent acting, music, cinematography and one of the best screenplays of any movie I’ve seen.

  3. Cool list! I will give some of these a watch. Love Cinema Paradiso but watching it usually ends with me uncontrollably weeping for 10 mins so maybe I won’t rewatch it cheer myself up for the time being. Keep up the good work!

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