Film Review – Bloodshot (2020)

Title – Bloodshot (2020)

Director – Dave Wilson (feature debut)

Cast – Vin Diesel, Toby Kebbell, Eliza Gonzalez, Guy Pearce

Plot – American soldier Ray Garrison (Diesel) is bought back from the dead as a genetically engineered super-weapon, hellbent on seeking revenge on those that wronged him.

“Vengeance is what makes a man like you exceptional” 

Review by Eddie 06/04/2020

If there was ever an actor who knew his audience, as well as what his limitations are, its Mr. Fast and Furious himself Vin Diesel.

Based on the cult hit comic book of the same name, Bloodshot is another high profile release that became victim to a global cinematic shutdown due to the dreaded Corona Virus but for anyone out there looking for decent and mindless action fun, Dave Wilson’s 90’s-like outing is the type of brain numbing film the doctor ordered.

With it’s lead man on typical Diesel like form, as American soldier turned human terminator Ray Garrison, Wilson’s film never tries to be anything that it’s not, as Garrison’s quest for revenge and knowledge about his new nanotechnology led body takes us on a journey that is at all times familiar but oddly comforting, as Diesel punches and mumbles his way through a collection of set pieces and cardboard cutout side characters.

Moderately budgeted, Bloodshot doesn’t ever deliver massively scaled spectacle, but watching Diesel smash and bash through his path to glory is entertaining enough, while watching the slumming it Guy Pearce and Toby Kebbell creates some great moments, particularly early on when poor old Kebbell (someone get this man a new agent!) chews some screentime as the mysteriously evil Martin Axe, who sadly doesn’t get as much to do here as you would’ve hoped for.

It’s a shame that there wasn’t more inventiveness conjured up around Garrison’s unique abilities to literally heal on the go as he cops shotguns to the face and hit after hit, as Bloodshot’s comic book foundations should’ve allowed for the brainstrust behind this project to really go all out in a wild and unbelievable world that could’ve helped create a real new cult hit, not unlike the likes of Dread or Upgrade.

As it stands, Bloodshot provides nothing but decent thrills and spills in a mindlessly entertaining way, in some ways, exactly what we need at this day and time as we try to navigate our way through some darkly gloomy times as somethings change but Diesel never does.

Final Say –

The exact type of project you would expect from Vin Diesel, Bloodshot does little to create it’s own identity, but as a daftly over the top action sci-fi, there’s far worse options out there.

2 1/2 takeaway noodle boxes out of 5

7 responses to “Film Review – Bloodshot (2020)

  1. I saw this late last night and enjoyed it. Was not expecting anything good so the expectations were low. The action was good, the cast was good. It was dumb, loud and actiony. Good combo I reckon.

  2. Guy Pearce was the baddie in Iron Man 3. I haven’t seen Bloodshot, but the imagery looks similar to that film.

    • The film does borrow a lot in regards to aesthetic from other comic book films, even if it is a lot darker than your humor filled Marvel fare. If you’ve seen the trailers for this, it provides exactly the type of experience you would expect to receive.

  3. (and I appreciate your comments pertaining to expectations in cinema. If we watch Kurosawa or Fellini, we expect art; if we watch a Philip K. Dick story, we expect an amazing story; if we are watching a smash ’em up, there’s no need to expect great depth)

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