Film Review – Palm Springs (2020)

Title – Palm Springs (2020)

Director – Max Barbakow (feature debut)

Cast – Andy Samberg, Cristin Milioti, J.K Simmons, Peter Gallagher

Plot – Stuck in a time loop that occurs at a wedding party in Palm Springs, Nyles (Samberg) and Sarah (Milioti) try and make the best of their situation as the two learn to deal with each other and their odd predicament.

“I felt everything I’ll ever feel. So I’ll never feel ever again”

Review by Eddie on 20/11/2020

Once you’ve seen one time loop movie, in many ways you have seen them all but this years Sundance Film Festival hit Palm Springs, where the film was bought by streaming service Hulu for a mind-blowing 17,500 000 (a Sundance record), is an extremely enjoyable ride that makes a star out of its co-star Cristin Milioti in the process.

Directed by debut feature film director Max Barbakow, Springs is a sun-soaked romantic comedy with a sci-fi/time loop twist as Andy Samberg’s long-suffering and carefree Nyles finds himself living out a particular day in Palm Springs over and over, an experience that leads him to find solace in drink, the threat of being hunted by J.K Simmons jaded fellow loop sufferer Roy and most importantly the friendship he strikes up with Milioti’s newly looped Sarah.

There’s lots of instances where Springs feels familiar and lots of beats it plays out that are to be expected from such an affair but Barbakow (working off a great script by Andy Siara) and his two lead performers inject a hearty dosage of soul and charm into much of the films elements ensuring that we as an audience are constantly given laughs and even in many ways emotionally resonate feelings as Nyles and Sarah’s relationships grows.

In what’s by far his best lead turn in anything outside of the likes of the great but low-brow Lonely Island backed Hot Rod and Popstar and his work in TV hit Brooklyn 99, Samberg shows there is more to the man than objects in boxes and pants mishaps as he brings Nyles to life.

The real joy however is his interplay with Milioti who shines as the flawed but affable Sarah.

A long serving performer in TV and movie parts, Milioti is a revelation as Sarah. She shares great comedic timing with Samberg and as the two begin to explore their repetitive new lives and decide to live it up, the film really hits a strong groove that while culminating in a little bit of a so-so final stretch, is extremely entertaining while it lasts in the films particularly memorable middle section.

There’s no doubt that we will be seeing a lot of Milioti from now on in, with Hollywood sure to be knocking down her door.

Final Say – 

It doesn’t reinvent the time loop wheel and has moments where it coasts along but Palm Springs is a mightily enjoyable ride when everything clicks and will work wonders for the futures of its two on fire lead performers.

3 1/2 dinosaurs out of 5 

7 responses to “Film Review – Palm Springs (2020)

  1. If you realized you were caught in a time loop, would you bother figuring how to break out of it? Or would you just do whatever the heck you wanted (depending on what the “rules” are, of course)? How quickly do you think you’d get bored it?

    • I think I would be pretty comfortable riding out the loop for a while! A tough question though, a time loop of a day at work might not be something too appealing ha.

      • Depends on how much you like your job and what happened on that day. Had an opportunity to ditch a dept. meeting that you didn’t take? Ditch it and see what happens! Almost got the fried sweet potato wedges at lunch but went with fried mushrooms instead? Try the sweet potato! Could have taken the stray dog you found in the parking deck to the vet yourself instead of calling security? Take the dog!

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