Short Film Review – Brolga (2019)

Title – Brolga (2019)

Director – Adrian Powers (Forbidden Ground)

Cast – James Saunders, Tiarnie Coupland, James Shepherd

Plot – In a future version of a ravaged Australian landscape, a survivor known as The Storyteller (Saunders) unwillingly takes in a young survivor (Coupland) as she tries to escape a group of murderous scavengers that roam the violent lands of a lawless country.

“The most important things we have are our stories” 

Review by Eddie on 01/12/2020

Winning a range of festival awards across the latter months of 2019 and throughout 2020, locally made and produced short film Brolga is an impressive Australian effort that would suggest director Adrian Powers is a talent to keep a very close eye on.

Inspired by the indigenous story of Brolga, Powers film showcases a connection and understanding of the lands in which it takes place as we follow James Saunders Storyteller through a dangerous future world that is made more complicated by the arrival of a young survivor (played by Tiarnie Coupland) who seeks shelter with The Storyteller when a group of vicious scavengers hunt her down.

Filmed around Sydney and also at the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in the Ukraine, Brolga is seeping in atmosphere and mood, as its stunning black and white photography works to enhance the films ability to create and craft a world in a short period of time, a world in which you hope can be explored further in potential other avenues in the years to come.

All round Brolga us one of the more polished and refined short film offerings you’re likely to find from the Australian marketplace and its solid collection of performances, measured directing and memorable music by composer Matt Rudduck makes this whole affair feel not dissimilar to what you would find from a feature length counterpart when it comes to expectations from such a product.

Final Say – 

Both a great calling card for the talent involved in the film and a fine piece of storytelling in its own right, Brolga is an Australian short film of the highest order.

4 rock paintings out of 5 

Brolga is available to watch for free now on Youtube – CLICK HERE to watch

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