Kickstarter – Colour (Short Film)

Article by Eddie on 20/01/2020

A passion project for aspiring Australian filmmaker Zac Ho, animated short film Colour is currently seeking backers on funding platform Kickstarter to help make Ho’s film a reality after years of behind the scenes work.

Planned to screen at short film festivals around the world once it is finalized, Colour is a film that tackles important themes and messages as it explores the life of Batte, a man whose life is given new meaning when he falls head over heels for the energetic Vera.

It’s always great when we film fans can support projects from their humble beginnings and I encourage all readers of The Movie Guys to head on over to Colour’s Kickstarter page to find out more about Ho’s project and hopefully support it as it inches ever closer to its final funding goal.

More about the film can be read below as well.

Synopsis –

Colour is an animated romantic short film, following the main protagonist Batte, who is living a mundane and unsatisfying life from his perspective. This will be shown through the world being in black and white until he sees Vera, an eccentric and exciting love interest who brings colour and life to his world upon seeing her. Throughout this 8-10 minute short film, Batte and his co-worker Alvin will be introduced to the lively Vera, and Batte will soon fall in love with her creating a world that he would be happy to live in. By the end of the film, Batte will have found happiness within himself, no longer needing Vera to provide the happiness he so desperately yearned for.

To visit Colour’s Kickstarter Page – CLICK HERE

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