Blog Announcement

By Eddie on 9/08/2021

Fellow movie-goers and film fiends, over the next couple of week’s this blog will most likely be inactive. 

Nothing untoward, just a little break from what has been a fairly crazy period and some anticipation for life events that will be taking precedent over the next little while. 

I look forward to being back soon and here’s hoping our local cinemas and anticipated film releases will all be back to normal soon!

In the mean time, happy watching! 


17 responses to “Blog Announcement

  1. Closing time, for you and the screens as it seems.
    Here in France, it’s open for all that have the sanitary pass. Better than nothing.
    Be still, rest yourself, hope you’ll be back soon.

  2. One voice dimmer in the Cosmic Fugue, as Carl Sagan might have put it. I look forward to you returning to add more noise. Be safe, have fun, be back.

  3. Take care and hope you return soon. I often take a break from blogging, especially during the summer to spend more time with family. Enjoy you break 🙂

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