Dune – 5 Reasons Why You Should be Excited

Dune Stars Timothée Chalamet and Rebecca Ferguson form part of the huge ensemble

List compiled by Eddie on 19/10/2021

It’s been a long wait for Dune fans and cinema fans in general when it comes to finally getting to see this newest take on Frank Herbert’s much-loved work, with Denis Villeneuve’s big budgeted epic the victim an extensive Covid-19 related delay from its planned release last year but there’s little doubting that the wait will be well and truly worth it. 

While it’s unfortunate Australian fans not keen to pirate a HD rip of the film off the internet (thanks to Warner Brothers seemingly counter intuitive agreement to release Dune in the United States simultaneously on HBO Max and in cinemas) have to wait even longer than most of the world to see the film, with it not hitting local screens until December 2nd, the hype is most certainly real as a large collection of rave reviews and audience reactions make one realize that there was very little reason too ever doubt this big screen spectacle would be something special. 

With the weeks and days ticking down until we can finally see the film the way it was intended to be viewed (honestly people, hold on to your horses and see this film at your local cinema!), below are but a few reasons why you should be excited to get off your couch at home and see what could be the newest must watch Hollywood property in all its big screen glory. 

Happy reading and happy watching!

1. Denis Villeneuve’s Sci-Fi Track Record

Denis Villeneuve on location with one of his stars Javier Bardem

Even if you discount the work Denis Villeneuve has released over the past decade such as Incendies, Prisoners, Enemy and Sicario, sci-fi entries Arrival and Blade Runner 2049 would be enough to showcase that the extremely talented filmmaker has what it takes to operate in the realm of this beloved genre. 

A huge fan of Herbert’s work and practical filmmaking that is tailor made for the big screen treatment, if past glories are anything to go by, Dune is going to be another feather in the cap of Villeneuve who is very much becoming a part of the all-time directors conversation. 

Gain an insight into Villeneuve’s process of bringing Dune to life here – 


2. This is Just the Beginning 

Here’s hoping this isn’t the last time we see Dune and its cast on the big screen

Everyone involved in Dune has been very open in that they see this effort not as a standalone affair but merely the jumping off point for what will hopefully be more of the same in the years yet to come. 

While box office figures are going to have a big say on how this pans out into the future, there’s an excitement around the fact the genre fans and Herbert fans alike can prepare themselves for this affair being the beginning of something wonderful. 

Gain an insight into the future of Dune below – 


3. A Film Made for the Big Screen

Giant sandworms on the big screen. Yes please!

I could go on about this all day, but when it comes down to it, if you really truly enjoy cinema and love what it can offer as a medium to view films you know and love, you will go and see Dune on the big screen. 

Not only does this support more Dune in the years to come, Villeneuve has repeatedly stated that his intention for this film was for it to be seen on the biggest screen (even publicly criticizing the film playing on HBO Max) possible with much of the film captured in the IMAX format and on location sets sure to provide much in the way of eye candy. 

Plus, giant space worms on the cinema screen, what more do you want? 

Need more proof Dune is made for the cinema not your home theatre or laptop screen? See below – 


4. The Cast

Does Dune have the best cast assembled this year? Quite possibly so!

Assembling his most star studded cast too date with Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac, Jason Momoa, Josh Brolin, Stellan Skarsgård, Javier Bardem, Dave Bautista and Charlotte Rampling all playing key roles here, its clear that some of the most talented performers working in the industry today saw great potential in Dune and the future of its movie life and their appearances here are likely to make Dune an absolute joy too watch unfold before our eyes. 

Hear from rising star Timothée Chalamet about his experience’s working on such a huge production – 


5. Hans Zimmer’s Epic Score  

Hans Zimmer’s work on dune has already inspired a great collection of works.

Gaining more and more mainstream attention over recent years, and for good reason, famed film composer/musician Hans Zimmer knows his way around a big Hollywood epic and there’s no doubt he has something special planned for our eardrums when his full score for Dune plays out in Villeneuve’s outing. 

With the ability to already partake in Zimmer’s score now and with much hype around the amount of work his put into the films score (a two disc version of Dune tunes is already available), here’s hoping Dune allows the once in a generation talent another chance to shine on the world stage. 

Get the lowdown from Zimmer’s score from the man himself here – 


Dune is scheduled to release on Australian cinema screens on Thursday December 2nd. 

Are you excited for Dune? Have you already seen the film? Let me know in the comments below!

14 responses to “Dune – 5 Reasons Why You Should be Excited

  1. Saw it last night, and it’s 100% a big-screen experience – there’s something really unique about everything as well, visual treat and then some, at IMAX would be pretty spectacular!

    • I can’t wait mate! I am hoping to be able to get too Imax for it. The one here in Aus is 7 stories high, think its one of the biggest in the world.

  2. One reason is enough. You don’t need to hesitate. Go, and see it another time as I did. Fill your eyes with the Epice till they turn blue.
    On the screen for month now in France (and reviewed as you know on my blog), I can assure you DUNE sanded by Villeneuve is the most accurate vision you could have imagine during your reading. Forget the Lynch version (not totally coz it has its charming parts), that one will erase everything in your mind, replacing it by an arid and astonishing desert planet. Arrakis lives now, and we hope for another part, as soon as possible. It has to be seen on a wide screen of course (but 3D is optional, believe me).

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