Film Review – The Worst Person in the World (2021)

Title – The Worst Person in the World (2021) 

Director – Joachim Trier (Louder Than Bombs) 

Cast – Renate Reinsve, Anders Danielsen Lie, Herbert Nordrum

Plot – Stuck in a professional and personal funk, wondering what life is all about and how she will find out who she is meant to be, Julie (Reinsve) starts a serious relationship with artist Aksel (Lie) that is complicated when she meets the charming Eivind (Nordrum), setting in motion a turbulent few years that will shape the rest of Julie’s existence. 

“Julie was wondering when life was supposed to start” 

Review by Eddie on 24/03/2022

The little Norwegian film that could, Joachim Trier’s innovative dramedy is a major competitor at the upcoming 2022 Oscars in the Best Foreign Language and Original Screenplay categories and after wowing audiences and critics at esteemed festival’s such as Cannes and various critics groups across the globe, it’s safe to say that The Worst Person in the World became one of 2021’s greatest surprises, while launching its star Renate Reinsve into likely superstardom. 

Undoubtedly being commissioned by Hollywood as I type for an English language reimagining (for all those that just can’t bare the thought of reading subtitles for two hours), Worst adds a fresh and innovative spin on the age old life affirming tales that here is told through the eyes of Reinsve’s confused and aimless in love Julie who we follow across four years of her life as she moves past 30 and tries and figures out her place in the world that has become such a mystery to her along her way of finding herself. 

Often bitingly honest and hilarious as Trier holds nothing back from examining the often harsh realities of everyday life and the various relationships we must head in and out of to come closer to finally establish the real us, Worst neatly balances out some genuinely funny moments (mushrooms anyone?) with the whimsical (an extended sequence of life pausing around Julie is a joy) and heartbreaking (be prepared for tears) as Julie’s journey takes us to many an unexpected place around the more tried and true cornerstones of such films. 

Front and centre throughout this often unpredictable ride is the charismatic and charming Reinsve who shines from beginning to end in Trier’s feature and her turn as the sometimes dislikable but mostly real and relatable Julie is easily one of the most memorable turns from any 2021 performer and it’s a shame that the academy didn’t see fit to get her into the Best Actress category, for when you consider those she would’ve been battling for to take home the main prize, there’s a case to be made that Reinsve should’ve been the one to be getting her moment in the spotlight. 

Final Say – 

Nicely balancing the serious with the hilarious, The Worst Person in the World is a relationship centric dramedy that feels cut from the real world and with a magnetic lead performance from Renate Reinsve and energetic direction from Joachim Trier, this Norwegian feature is one of the best of its kind in recent memory. 

4 radio interviews out of 5 

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