Film Review – Morbius (2022)

Title – Morbius (2022) 

Director – Daniel Espinosa (Child 44

Cast – Jared Leto, Michael Keaton, Adria Arjona, Jared Harris, Tyrese Gibson, Matt Smith

Plot – Well known biochemist Dr. Michael Morbius (Leto) becomes a vampiric hybrid when he tries to cure himself of a rare blood disease causing the line between human and monster to be blurred. 

“How far are we allowed to fix something that’s broken?”

Review by Eddie on 01/04/2022

Delayed a total of 6 times on its way to its eventual release this week around the world, Sony and Marvel’s collaboration to bring its anti-hero Dr. Michael Morbius to life appeared to be one of those cursed productions that was doomed from the start and upon seeing this toothless and spineless comic book adaptation on the big screen its safe to say that the world would’ve been far better off had Morbius stayed delayed permanently. 

An incredibly inept feature from director Daniel Espinosa, who somehow keeps getting Hollywood films to make with significant budgets and name brand casts despite never actually directing a good film, Morbius feels far removed from most brands associated with the Marvel name as its $75 million dollar budget is nowhere to be found on screen as a blur of video game like CGI, amateurishly scripted scenes and poorly acted characters hog the films lifeless 100 minute runtime that can’t come to an end quick enough. 

Failing as an origin story, with Michael’s entire history set-up in one cringe-worthy flashback scene, an unnerving vampire tale and an action comic book film, it’s hard to know what Morbius thought it was doing with its potentially entertaining material as Espinosa lets his leading man Jared Leto flounder in yet another high profile role that begs us to ask the question about his talent as a Hollywood leading man while he as a director ensures Morbius is nothing but an enigma of a character lost in a diabolical story that’s hard to recall even mere minutes from walking out of the cinema. 

Sometimes with films that fail as badly as Morbius does there’s snippets of what might have been found within them, moments that show not all hope was lost at all times but that’s not the case with Espinosa and Leto’s blockbuster that truly has no moments of escape from its grim, shaky cam filled collation of cinematic rubbish with the only slight glimpse of a better film coming from Matt Smith’s villain Milo (yes that is what he is called throughout most of the film, Milo) with the well-liked one time Dr. Who at least appearing to have fun with his role while everyone else is about as enthusiastic as a bloodsucker heading into their coffin for a day time nap. 

Undoubtedly developed by Sony and Marvel to play a key role in the future with both Venom and Spider-Man properties, its hard to imagine how anyone will get excited coming away from this when it comes to the prospect of more Morbius being present in the biggest movie brand name going around and despite an attempt mid-credits too get audiences enthused by what may lay in store for Leto’s charisma free biochemist in the near future, most will be merely rushing to the exit door to escape what is quite possibly the worst Marvel film we’ve yet seen. 

Final Say – 

Things never looked to good for poor old Morbius but not even the most pessimistic of pundits could’ve expected a film quite as bad as the one we get here, a DOA offering without purpose, intent or creativity, Marvel would do well to ensure Morbius never awakens again from a very long and hidden away slumber. 

1/2 a blood bag out of 5 

5 responses to “Film Review – Morbius (2022)

  1. Our review/my mate Pete said they should have given that lead role to Matt Smith instead, at least he had some life?

    I don’t get Jared Leto, at all, I’ve tried to but the only times I’ve seen him decent as when he’s not pretending to be powerful. Dallas Buyers Club and even House of Gucci, despite the ‘Mario’ accent in that! haha!

    • I think Leto has really lost the plot lately. He was certainly not the man for this job although I am not sure anyone could have saved this one from the scrapheap.

  2. As the years have gone by, the soft spot I had for Jared Leto, aka Jordan Catalano from My So-Called Life, has grown increasingly gritty. His persona, gaze, and mannerisms had their place in the 90s through early 2000s with that whole brooding pretty boy thing. The shift to pursuing a music career necessarily put his acting projects on pause for a few years. Dallas Buyers Club marked a re-direction of his professional attention back to acting… or cosplaying character types with dialogue rather than just posing for photoshoots at anime conventions. (His personal cult following is a whole other issue). Would he have gotten parts better suited for what comes to him naturally if he’d stuck to acting? Or if that singing thing was really calling him, he could’ve done a biopic? (or not).

    • His almost become a self parody these days.

      It’s such a bizarre movie and a lifeless role for Leto. I feel like this has killed Morbius chance of playing too much of a role in the future of these Sony Marvel films.

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