Film Review – Fresh (2022)

Title – Fresh (2022) 

Director – Mimi Cave (feature debut) 

Cast – Daisy Edgar-Jones, Sebastian Stan, Jojo T. Gibbs

Plot – Struggling with the modern dating scene, Noa (Edgar-Jones) finds potential salvation in the form of charming doctor Steve (Stan) but when the two head away for a getaway Noa is introduced to Steve’s unethical past-time. 

“It’s about giving. Giving yourself over to somebody. Becoming one with somebody else, forever”

Review by Eddie on 02/05/2022

A refreshingly unpredictable and off-kilter debut feature from director to watch Mimi Cave, Fresh is a horror hybrid with killer energy and memorable lead turns from its main duo Daisy Edgar-Jones and Sebastian Stan, as the two play their parts in a depraved and gripping tale that refuses to play to convention as Edger-Jones Noa finds herself in a whole new world when she begins dating Stan’s charismatic doctor Steve. 

Best suited for viewing with as little knowledge as to the content as possible, even if there must be a warning that Fresh is a very mature and unashamedly bloody film from the Disney catalogue, Cave’s film acts as a confident example of a debut film as you’re likely to see in 2022 and as the film lulls you into a nice sense of security in its opening 30 minutes before its credits hits and true nature becomes apparent, Fresh never lets up on a wild journey that will have you gasping, laughing and contemplating outcomes until the finale concludes. 

Examining modern dating trends and hot topic issues without every forcing them into the narrative or hammering us over the head with them, first and foremost Cave is determined to create an energetic and gripping film and her work with screenwriter Lauryn Kahn is a sight to behold as the two talented minds join together a genre mash-up that expertly balances romance, comedy, horror and thriller tropes into one cohesive package that gives Marvel veteran Sebastian Stan another solid indie role and Daisy Edger-Jones a significant moment amongst many upcoming efforts that is likely to see the actress become the next big thing in Hollywood. 

Having similar traits to Carey Mulligan’s recent turn in the well-received Promising Young Woman, Edgar-Jones is a revelation here as Noa and after years of strong work in notable TV shows, Fresh marks a career moment for the performer whose likely to shoot way up the pecking order in 2022 on the back of this and soon to be released products such as event series Under the Banner of Heaven with Andrew Garfield and high profile adaptation feature film Where the Crawdads Sing

Moving brilliantly between vulnerable, in charge, determined and trodden down, Edgar-Jones owns the entirety of Fresh from its humble beginnings through to its unforgiving end and even if some may find the subject matter of Cave’s film too hard to bare, it’s likely the can’t turn away from it performance of Edgar-Jones will win over viewers who normally may not partake in such delicacies as Fresh places before them. 

Final Say – 

Sometimes hard too stomach, Fresh won’t be for everyone but it marks a significant moment in the soon to be superstar life of Daisy Edgar-Jones and directional career of Mimi Cave, as the two combine to create one of 2022’s most unexpected gems. 

4 wise bartenders out of 5  

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