Top Gun: Maverick – 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited

Riding into the sunset with co-star Jennifer Connelly, Tom Cruise is bringing one of his most famous characters back in the much anticipated Top: Maverick

List compiled by Eddie on 13/05/2022

It’s time to don your helmets and dust off your Kenny Loggin’s cassette tapes as the long wait since 1986 is finally almost over (made even more painful thanks to our old friend Covid-19) as everyone’s favourite cocky pilot Maverick returns to our big screens in the coming weeks in what shapes up to be one of the years must watch cinematic events.

Re-teaming with his Oblivion director pal Joseph Kosinski, original star and all round celebrity heavyweight Tom Cruise looks set to once more push himself and his craft to the limits as the two join forces to ensure Maverick is going to be at the very least an experience for the senses as we take to the skies in a collection of death defying stunts and macho antics.

While there are many out there who would still try to convince others that Top Gun isn’t a good film in all the typical senses of the meaning they are overlooking the fact that Tony Scott’s adrenaline fueled escapade is one of the quintessential 80’s products and easily one of the more unique and memorable action films in the cinematic catalogue, making the proposition of returning to the clouds a prospect that can’t come soon enough.

Not quite convinced Top Gun: Maverick is going to be worth the time, read below to have your mind changed!

Happy reading and happy watching.

1. The Wait is Finally Over!

Original star Tom Cruise is back in the saddle after a long wait

In the history of cinema there haven’t been many films that have suffered such significant release delays when the product is ready for public consumption but after roughly two years of patient waiting since the films original release was squashed due to Covid-19, Top Gun: Maverick is set to roar into our cinemas in the very near future. With distributor Paramount no doubt at times wondering whether to release this high profile film on their own streaming platform, there was a show of faith in the finished product here where it was decided the best way for fans to see the return of Tom Cruise’s iconic pilot was on the big screen. After much patience, we can now rejoice that the wait is almost finally over.

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2. Real Stunts

No stranger to real stunts, Cruise and his co-stars did extensive training to bring Maverick to life

In an age where CGI is the go to for big budget blockbusters, Maverick keeps things real with an incredible showcase of practical and death defying stunts. With over 800 hours of footage shot the final version of Maverick is going to be one of the most impressive feats of practical film-making since the grand entrance of Mad Max: Fury Road.

Get an insight into some of the stunts of Maverick – CLICK HERE

3. Admit it, the Original is a Good Film

Goose and Maverick, name a more iconic duo?

One of the most iconic and long lasting action films from the 1980’s, Tony Scott’s original Top Gun is an unquestionably fun genre piece that has managed to stand the test of time as a classic piece of film-making. It may not be refined or really about anything more than allowing boys and their toys to hit the skies but anyone suggesting there’s not enjoyment to be found from the original is wrong with Maverick hopefully bringing the same sense of playfulness and thrill seeking to modern day audiences.

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4. Joseph Kosinski’s Chance to Shine

Joseph Kosinski and his leading man previously worked on the solid sci-fi Oblivion

Arriving on the scene with the underrated but memorable Tron: Legacy all the way back in 2010, director Joseph Kosinski has had a relatively tough time making his mark in Hollywood after his debut played out with the visually spectacular but strangely lacking Sci-Fi Oblivion and the box office bomb Only the Brave (a film you’d do well to check out) failing to fully utilise the directors undoubted talents. With Maverick it feels as though finally Kosinski has been given a chance to unleash a film that achieves results critically, commercially and with general pundits.

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5. Volleyball

Want more volleyball action? Maverick should have you covered!

One of the original films most talked about scenes involved some seriously sweaty beach volleyball and with all of us left wanting more, it appears as though the hopes and prayers of fans have been answered if the trailer snippets we’ve seen are to be believed.

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Top Gun: Maverick hits Australian cinema screens on Thursday May 26th.

6 responses to “Top Gun: Maverick – 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited

  1. Well, I thought Oblivion was a terrific movie. While I don’t really remember any of the details from Top Gun, I’ll watch it again before seeing the sequel. I can’t get enough Tom Cruise. 🙂

    • His commitment to his craft is almost unmatched in my opinion. I think this one is going to be massive big screen experience.

  2. Yeah, I didn’t mind Tron: Legacy either and I remember reviewing Oblivion, it was good to a point and then kinda lost its focus – excited for the return of all this though!

    • I still remember going into Tron: Legacy at the cinema and having a great time, Oblivion to as you say certainly had moments. Looking forward to this one a lot.

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