Short Film Review – Tulip (2022)

Title – Tulip (2022) 

Director – Gregory Romein

Cast – Carlos H. Tejeda, Helena Dvornická

Plot – Video content creator and cryptocurrency influencer Mr. Biz (Tejeda) finds his life during the Covid-19 pandemic consumed by his research and desire to find the next big coin, all to the detriment of his social life and connection to his family. 

“Crypto is taking over your life”

Review by Eddie on 07/09/2022

Over the past few years, undoubtedly fuelled even more so by the Covid-19 pandemic that swept the world, Cryptocurrency has become a global phenomenon with many budding investors, dabblers and so called experts emerging to jump on board one of the most influential crazes of the modern era.

Showcasing the pitfalls and dangers of the game people play with the topsy turvey and often unknown space that at this very moment still remains a complete enigma for anyone trying to forecast its future, Gregory Romein’s short film Tulip excitedly and professionally explores the mysterious world through the eyes of Carlo’s H. Tejeda’s Mr. Biz, a Prague resident whose Uber day job allows him to moonlight in a growing obsession as a Crypto online commentator.

Taking place across a brief but engaging 12 minutes, Romein is able to dive headfirst into Mr. Biz’s wild world that has begun to take him further and further away from the real everyday ups and downs of life into the even more volatile world of an online influencer that has no off button and unearths the best and worst of humanity with Mr. Biz becoming more and more aware of the dangers of the online space as the crypto market begins to show increasing signs of weakness.

At times feeling like a fever dream horror with its basis purely in the now and everyday, Tulip is an eye-opening experience as both a crypto commentary piece and also an uncompromising examination of how the internet has allowed many people who are far from qualified or ready to handle the online space where they may find themselves so called “experts” on various topics, often failing to think of what their suggestions or recommendations may entail in real world scenarios that don’t go entirely to plan.

An impressive feat of independent and unique film-making, Tulip is great calling card for all involved and for anyone with a passing interest in the world of crypto or influencing, Tulip is a must-watch.

Final Say –

An engaging and well put together exploration of a modern topic that still has many twists and turns to take, Tulip is a top-notch example of short film-making and a great showcase for the talent of all those involved.

4 Lionel Messi jerseys out of 5

To find out more about Tulip and those behind the film CLICK HERE 

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