Film Review – Halloween Ends (2022)

Title – Halloween Ends (2022) 

Director – David Gordon Green (Stronger

Cast – Jamie Lee Curtis, Andi Matichak, Rohan Campbell, Will Patton 

Plot – The long running battle between serial killer Michael Myers and Laurie Strode (Curtis) comes to a conclusion as the town of Haddonfield prepares for one last battle against the masked killer years after he had disappeared. 

“Time for Haddonfield to start healing”

Review by Eddie on 21/10/2022

Very funny men, I can only hope to imagine that director David Gordon Green and his partner in crime/co-writer Danny McBride are playing a very elaborate joke on all of us with their finale to their 3-part series entry to the Halloween franchise that started with a fairly significant bang back in 2018 and here ends with a whimper, with what can only be described as one of the worst films you’re likely to endure in 2022. 

Struggling to find a single reason as to why it should exist after the so-so happenings of the previous entry Halloween Kills in 2021, Ends once more follows Jamie Lee Curtis’s seemingly cursed Laurie Strode, who is here haunted by the memories and the real life existence of serial killer Michael Myers who began ruining her life all the way back in John Carpenter’s original slasher classic from 1978. 

Starting out decently enough with a surprising and grisly opening segment that is about as interesting as the film gets for the next 100 plus minutes, Ends introduces Rohan Campbell’s charmless and hapless Corey into the equation (easily one of the years most detestable and poorly designed character creations) to take some of the heat off the films main menace with Myers aka The Shape who is shunned for a majority of the films screentime, with many audience goers likely to be waiting impatiently for Green to give Myers the so-called send-off that’s been promoted, only to have to endure far too many minutes of plodding and boorish subplots that have none of the energy or creativity that has made Green one of the more interesting indie directors working in the industry. 

It’s hard to know what anyone is getting out of this unnecessary addition to the Halloween catalogue other than a quick and easy pay cheque, as everyone involved looks bored and all those behind the scenes don’t seem to care too much for quality control based on evidence here, in a film that in previous years would’ve been found hitting the shelves of the local Blockbuster after bypassing the cinemas completely. 

While far from masterpieces, Ends makes the previous two Green and McBride collaborations look like minor miracles when direct comparisons are being made, with even the usually energetic Curtis looking like she would rather be doing re-shoots of Everything Everywhere All at Once other than wondering around the set of this franchise entry that helped build her career and while there is the chance many long-term (and long-suffering) fans of this series may get something out of this exercise, it’s more likely that the majority will be wondering what on earth they just watched with nothing but a mess of a film to show as a final product, delivered from a group of creatives that should and do know better. 

Final Say – 

A dire final hurrah for the Green and McBride re-imagining of John Carpenter’s classic creation, Halloween Ends is dumb, pointless and often offensively dull, marking a low-point for many involved with hopes that we have once and for all seen the last of the masked creation that is Michael Myers. 

1 tongue out of 5 

9 responses to “Film Review – Halloween Ends (2022)

  1. Halloween Ends is the second best film in the Halloween franchise (3 notwithstanding). Corey Cunningham is a great character brilliantly and subtly played. It pulls an expertly crafted subversion of the usual Halloween sequel garbage. I think you failed to try and engage with this film and just dismissed it as “another sequel” – give it another chance, there’s more going on.

    • I didn’t find there was anything subtly done about Corey’s character, just my opinion.

      In some ways it was good they didn’t just rehash what has come before but this was a very poor film in so many ways and while there’s no right opinion, it appears as though the vast majority have not connected with this entry at all.

  2. I looked forward to this movie so much, yet here is another review that says basically the same as the majority I’ve read. What a major disappointment! I’ve read a couple of reviews and comments that defend it, so I know there are people out there that enjoyed it, but it just doesn’t seem like it will be what I had expected. If I can pick it up for free I’ll give it an opportunity to let me decide for myself, but otherwise I’ll just pass on it with no regrets. Thank you for the review.

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