Avatar: The Way of Water – 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited

Over a decade after the original film, audiences can finally enjoy the world of Avatar once more this December

List compiled by Eddie on 18/11/2022

It might not be “cool” to like Avatar for whatever reason in this day and age but for anyone out there dismissing the chances of the original’s long awaited sequel The Way of Water, they would do well to take a moments pause and remember that the man behind the film is someone you can never discount. 

A man on a mission, director James Cameron has been at work behind the scenes of his new film for the better part of the last decade and in a day and age where cinema finds itself crying out for another Top Gun: Maverick like juggernaut, if someone was going to be the one to deliver that, it’s the bearded mastermind. 

Everything we have seen so far of this longtime coming sequel seems to suggest that there’s reasons to hope and expect that Way of Water is going to be a significant event on the cinema calendar and why it’s unlikely it will get close to capturing the first films lightning in a bottle box office success or media attention that was associated with the first films 3D delivery, Cameron’s new epic is likely to be one of the biggest films of the last decade regardless. 

Not convinced I speak the truth, here are five small reasons as to why Way of Water is going to be a very special event. 

Happy reading and happy watching. See you at the movies! 

1. The Return of 3-D

3D glasses return bins were a regular site at Avatar screenings but are now more like a distant memory

When Avatar arrived with much fanfare and anticipation in 2009 it heralded in a whole new way of watching movies thanks to James Cameron and his teams work to make 3D not merely a gimmick but an enhancer to the cinematic experience. What followed was an explosion in demand for 3D products in many forms but over the past few years it’s rare to see anything in 3D, with the format mostly dormant at this stage. With Way of Water, there’s a chance 3D comes back in a big way, at the very least it will make the new Avatar an experience not to be missed. 

Dive further into the 3D landscape here – 


2. It’s James Cameron

James Cameron on set of his huge gamble Titanic, a labor of love that paid off big time

There’s been countless times where people have bet against James Cameron with huge hits like the first Avatar or his game-changing Titanic features industry pundits had their doubts about and look how they turned out. It would take a brave person to discount how big Way of Water might be with Cameron once more setting out to push the boundaries of the cinematic medium all the while delivering blockbuster bang for buck very few can manage to conjure up. 

Read more about James Cameron’s experience making Way of Water here – 


3. Stop the Avatar Hate

Despite the groundswell of hate, Avatar remains a great example of blockbuster filmmaking

Despite shattering box office records, winning 3 Oscars, holding a not to be sneezed at Rotten Tomatoes critical score of 82% and IMDB user rating of 7.8, it seems as though every man, woman and dog wants to tell you that Avatar wasn’t even a very good film when it fact that just isn’t the case. Regardless of the Dances with Wolves with blue people mockery that exists, Avatar was an extremely accomplished and engaging blockbuster affair that offered up thrills, emotion and visionary spectacle that many similar films would die to have. Don’t be a bandwagoner, Avatar isn’t bad and there’s reason to hope Way of Water could be even better. 

You’re not alone if you think Avatar is a good film – 


4. Cinematic Spectacle on a Large-Scale 

There’s no way you will want to wait to watch Way of Water at home

The last few years haven’t been kind to cinema with the onset of Covid, the struggle to get regular worthy cinema fair on screens and just genuinely not great movies making people feel less excited than they should about a trip to the big screen but Way of Water is an epic that will demand to be seen on the big screen (IMAX tickets for myself will be a must) and for anyone that has any type of interest in movies, that’s an exciting prospect. With the runs he has on the board over a long-standing career, at the very least Way of Water will be a large-scale delight. 

Set your eyes on the most recent trailer if you’re not convinced – 


5. Pushing the Boundaries 

Kate Winslet on the set of The Way of Water, showcasing that no easy options have been taken

From the first two Terminator films, The Abyss, Titanic and Avatar, James Cameron has been one of the most influential and visionary filmmakers the world has ever seen with Way of Water still finding the aging director finding new ways too do things, giving audience goers a whole new way to enjoy their beloved medium. Much like the original film, Way of Water will see things done we have never seen on screen before, an exciting time for moviegoers both young and old. 

Get more of an insight into the technology behind Way of Water’s filming here – 


Avatar: The Way of Water hits Australian cinema screens on Thursday December 15th. 


6 responses to “Avatar: The Way of Water – 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited

  1. It will be interesting to see how Sigourney Weaver and Stephen Lang (Colonel Quaritch) come back into the story as both characters didn’t survive the original Avatar. Can’t wait to see it in IMAX.

    • A must-see in IMAX this one! I believe Weaver is actually play a whole new character, even a character quite young but the Lang addition is very interesting, will he be the same villain or a whole new one!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the first one, even given the canned and predicable plot. But not many movies have succeeded in making me feel so immersed into a fictional world. I don’t have any doubts this new one will do the same thing, and the sheer size and spectacle of it deserves praise.

    • Agree completely mate. I really enjoyed the first film and the 3D even if it was a flawed experience. I am very much looking forward to see what Cameron does with the new one.

  3. I loved the first Avatar movie. I’m really excited for this sequel, can’t wait to see it in theaters. I’m sure it will be spectacular!

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