Film Review – Fall (2022)

Title – Fall (2022) 

Director – Scott Mann (The Tournament) 

Cast – Grace Caroline Currey, Virginia Gardner, Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Plot – Best friends and thrill seekers Becky (Currey) and Hunter (Gardner) find themselves trapped on top of a 2000 foot radio tower after the two decide to climb it to help Becky recover from a life-altering tragedy. 

“You have to do something that makes you feel alive”

Review by Eddie on 06/03/2023

As is the case with any of these type of (pun not intended) high-concept thrillers, a suspension of disbelief is needed from the outset to gain any type of enjoyment from such an affair but despite some weirdly positive reviews and some middling box-office receipts from across the globe, Scott Mann’s 2000 feet in the sky set thrill seeker Fall has a few too many steps too far to be an overly enjoyable experience, even if it may not be as bad as one may have expected on face value. 

A director who so far across a multi-decade spanning career remains most well-known for b grade affairs such as The Tournament, Heist and Final Score, Mann does an amicable job of making Fall feel like something that is bigger than a $3 million dollar production (bird CGI not included) but after the initial thrills and chills we get from joining Grace Caroline Currey’s depressed Becky and Virginia Gardner’s fiesty social media personality Hunter give way to questionable character decisions and frustrating set-pieces, Fall becomes more of a chore than a joy to sit through. 

Similar in vein and nature to any other such trial against the odds features such as Crawl, The Shallows or Buried, Fall lives and dies on the likeability of its main characters and the way in which they battle the elements to stay alive and find rescue but Mann and his cast can’t ever really make these aspects of the Fall click into gear as Becky and Hunter get caught in a few too many daft set-pieces designed to keep moving the plot along and Mann find himself caught struggling to make his film fill out its time, an aspect that likely stems from Fall originally being planned as more of a short film production not a fully fledged feature. 

Watched with the right mindset there’s some dumb fun to be had from such a silly climb and it’s clear that many were able to forgive Fall from its missteps and moments of bizarre occurences (here’s looking at you vulture fight) but there’s an inescapable feeling that had some polish been applied to Fall’s script and work done to make our protagonists easier to get on board with Fall may just have been the best dumb movie of 2022. 

Final Say – 

There are a few decent high level thrills from Fall but overall this unashamedly proud B-movie doesn’t do enough to warrant you spending 100 plus minutes of your valuable life hanging around with it. 

2 pairs of shoes out of 5 

6 responses to “Film Review – Fall (2022)

  1. I can’t think why anyone would watch a couple of idiots doing a silly stunt. I’d be willing them to fall. There are better ways of being entertained.

  2. I keep reading similar reviews about this one. I want to watch it to see how they handle the intensity of the height, but my expectations of it being a good movie are quite low after the reviews I’ve read. It is hard to put together a full length film with two people stuck in one tiny location, yet maybe because of budget constraints it seems there are more and more of them being released. Most would be better as half hour or 45 minute ventures, but trying to fill that other 45 minutes always seems to lead to the absurd. One that comes to mind is 12 Feet Deep. It was 45 minutes of awesome, and 45 minutes of hoping they’d drown and the movie would end.

    • You’re spot on mate. It’s hard to maintain a film of this kind for too long and if the characters don’t work (like they don’t here) it’s very hard to stay interested. In this one also there are far too many moments of why are they doing that occurrences?

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