Film Review – Prince Avalanche (2013)

Prince Avalanche

Title – Prince Avalanche (2013)

Director – David Gordon Green (Undertow)

Cast – Paul Rudd, Emile Hirsch

Plot – Highway workers Alvin (Rudd) and his girlfriend’s brother Lance (Hirsch) are tasked with re-painting roads through the wilderness after raging fires destroyed them the year previous. In this setting of isolation the two men will confront issues in their live’s from love, loss and hope.

“True love is just like a ghost – people talk about it but very few have actually seen it.”

Review by Eddie on 5/12/2013

Being involved with HBO’s fantastic cult TV show Eastbound and Down has kept director David Gordon Green off the big screens for a few years now with 2011 misfires Your Highness and The Sitter his last venture into cinemas. Prince Avalanche therefore heralds a welcome return to the medium and non-gross out comedies, yet is perhaps a somewhat lesser entry into his varied film catalogue.

Not one to conform to the normal way of telling a story Green’s film (itself a remake of a 2011 Icelandic film) sets up with an intriguing premise in 1988 where we find our two protagonists tasked with the arduous job of re-painting and re-marking the roads destroyed in the previous year’s wildfire. These two men Alvin and Lance (one feels that this is where the Avalanche in the title comes from) are the type of lost souls usually found in a Wes Anderson picture and whilst never really striking a chord with the audience are well played by both Rudd and Hirsch and the two should be commended for taking on board this project.

The seemingly simple story synopsis for Prince Avalanche upon reflection has deeper connotations that may be variable from viewer to viewer. Gordon Green’s simplistic take on the tale however can feel slight over the 90 minute running time and by the films end it feels as though there was more that could have been done throughout the film to transcend it from a mere enjoyable oddity to a solidified cult classic in waiting. Gordon Green’s trademark black humour is also sparingly used throughout the film so fans of his more outrageous works should look elsewhere for the laughing kicks.

Prince Avalanche is an enjoyable film that perhaps overtime will start to be deconstructed with its hidden meanings making their way into the light of day, until then however it acts as an inoffensive piece of entertainment that whilst never outstaying it’s welcome doesn’t do anything much to stay in our long lasting memory.

3 witches hats out of 5

17 responses to “Film Review – Prince Avalanche (2013)

  1. Nicely done, I would really like to see this just for a change of pace in Paul Rudd’s career. Emile Hirsche looks interesting too.

  2. Good review Eddie. While it’s definitely not Green’s best flick, it’s still nice to see him back in his comfort-zone, while also bringing along some of his newly-acquired comedic-chops for the ride.

    • His a very varied type of filmmaker that is for sure – his got that one with Nic Cage out next year called Joe I believe looks like another different looking film.

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