The Best and Worst of 2013: Eddie’s Take

Place Beyond the Pines

List compiled by Eddie on 20/12/2013

Much like my co-blogger Jordan (see his list here) I found 2013 a particularly lacklustre and disappointing year for films overall with many a film either completely missing the mark or falling just short of what ever goals it had in mind. 2013 was also a year in which sequels reached a new point of mediocrity and therefore tarnishing their brands and stars see any of Iron Man 3, Wolverine, A Good Day to Die Hard or The Hangover 3 for examples of this.

2013 did however herald some fine films from both seasoned professionals in the likes of Paul Greengrass, Quentin Tarantino and Alfonso Cuaron and films from up and coming talents such as Derek Cianfrance and David Lowery that reaffirmed there is still much to get excited about in the future. Here’s hoping that 2014 provides us with more original ground-breaking entertainment and an easing off of an overreliance on tried and true franchises that frankly should have been put to bed long ago.

So without further ado here is Eddie’s 2013 overview –

Disclaimer – please note many a film will be absent (or in the case of Django Unchained included in) from this list due to Australian release dates and lack of cinema showings around the country. Films that cannot be judged due to this include – 12 Years a Slave, Wolf of Wall Street, Inside Llewyn Davis, Philomena, Nebraska, Fruitvale Station, Great Beauty and Blue is the Warmest Colour.

10 Best of 2013


1. Django UnchainedDjango is a film that has it all, action, humour, heart and a plethora of fantastic performances. QT’s love letter to westerns and indictment of slavery is a clear standout performer. See my review here.

2. The Place Beyond the Pines – It’s hard to fathom that Pines is only the 2nd feature length film from director Derek Cianfrance due to its ambition and scope. A unique and ultimately moving film experience that is one of the year’s most forgotten movies. See my review here.

3. Prisoners – When the dust settles on awards season I suspect Prisoners will be the most unlucky of them all. A fully formed and powerful tale that features standout performances from Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal. Already in the IMDB top 250 which shows it’s great reputation. See my review here.

4. Gravity – By now all know that Gravity is the film that made Sandra Bullock bearable and defied what was previously known about filming techniques. The most technically brilliant film of the year and perhaps movie history. See my review here.

5. Only God Forgives – Overlooked and underestimated by almost all who saw it, God is a polarising film that splits the audience down the middle like a samurai sword, those who love and those who hate it. One of the year’s most visually stunning experiences and filled with many a mystery to be discovered. See my review here.


6. To the Wonder – Even a lesser Malik film is a league above most others and that is exactly what Wonder is. A beautiful and non-conforming tale about love and life and one of Malik’s most personal tales. See my review here.

7. Ain’t Them Bodies Saints – Another oft forgotten gem of 2013 that is acts as a stunning calling card for director David Lowery and another showcase for the acting talents of Rooney Mara and Casey Affleck. See my review here.

8. Mud – A strange touching tale of adolescence that features the year’s best child performance from its young star Tye Sheridan. Director Nicholls and A-list star McConaughey on top form also. See my review here.

9. Captain Phillips – Whilst perhaps not being entirely accurate in it’s portrayal Paul Greengrass’s frantic and intense take on the real life situation features a career reviving turn from Tom Hanks and is one of the years most professionally constructed films. See my review here.

10. Spring Breakers – Like Only God Forgives Harmony Korine’s strange translucent tale is not afraid to polarize it’s viewers. Likely to be seen on many a top ten and equally as many worst lists, Breakers is a unique and weirdly unforgettable voyage. See my review here.

10 Worst of 2013

A Good Day to Die Hard

1. A Good Day to Die Hard – A completely unneeded and dire entry into the once great Die Hard franchise, Good Day is action at its worst and Bruce Willis at his most uninterested. See my review here.

2. Aftershock/Identity Thief – Two complete fails on two different levels. Identity for not being in the slightest bit funny and Aftershock for being a horror film in all the wrong ways. See Jordan’s Aftershock review here, and my Identity Thief review here.

3. The Purge – Has to be the 2013 film that failed to deliver on the promise displayed in it’s idea, The Purge ended up being a home invasion thriller that failed to thrill on any level. See my review here.

4. The Counselor – Much has been written about here on J and E about this complete misfire so no point going over treaded ground. A low point in a lot careers is what the Counselor is. See my review here.

5. After Earth – Ego gone mad, proof M Night. Shymalan is a lost cause, evidence of Jaden Smiths talentless talent and a Sci-Fi that wastes any interesting ideas it might have had. See my review here.

The Purge

6. Movie 43 – Beezel the cat, that is all. See my review here.

7. The Internship – A new low in product placement and an excuse for two good mates to film a movie together, The Internship is a dire comedy that forgets to pack in any laughs or even pretend that it cares to. See my review here.

8. Trance – Danny Boyle on style over substance mode, Trance is a completely forgettable and confusing yarn which misfired on all cylinders. See my review here.

9. Byzantium – A TV like vampire tale with neat ideas and bad execution, further proof that director Jordan misses more than he hits. See my review here.

10. The Wolverine/Stand Up GuysWolverine: Enough is enough is all that can come out of this new entry to the Marvel Wolverine catalogue. Failing to provide anything we haven’t yet seen before Wolverine is proof that Logan’s run has well and truly ran its course. Stand up Guys: A waste of veteran Hollywood talent on a script not fit for a cable movie. See my Wolverine review here, and Stand Up Guys one here.

Django Unchained

Favourite Director – Quentin Tarantino for Django Unchained, showing us how to create a funny, horrifying and entertaining movie.


Favourite Actor – Matthew McConaughey for being Mud, an aids victim and a sleazy Wall Street stockbroker all at once. Showing us a talent for being funny, serious and charming in equal measure.

Ain't Them Bodies Saints

Favourite Actress – Rooney Mara – thinking she would be forever known as Lisbeth Salander is as far from the truth as your likely to get. Seen in the upcoming Her and great in Side Effects and Ain’t Them Bodies Saints.

Man of Steel

Worst Director – Zac Snyder for Man of Steel, Zac let everyone down with his uninspired direction and missed opportunity to reboot the man in tights for a new generation.

Will Smith

Worst Actor – TIE: Vince Vaughn and Will Smith. Vaughn for the recreating of the same old shtick movie after movie see Delivery Man, A Case of You and The Internship. Will Smith for After Earth, enough said.


Worst Actress – TIE: Naomi Watts and Cameron Diaz. Watts for the stinkers that were Diana, Movie 43 and Adoration. Diaz for an atrocious performance in The Counselor.

3 Overrated films –

Worlds End

1. The Worlds End (See my review here)

2. Iron Man 3 (See my review here)

3. Behind the Candelabra

3 Underrated films –

Upstream color

1. Upstream Colour (See my review here)

2. Ain’t Them Bodies Saints

3. Only God Forgives

2013 – Best Poster

Only God Forgives

2013 – Worst Poster

Counselor poster

Favourite Scenes of 2013 – Top 3

1. Django Unchained: The beginnings of the KKK“Who made these?”

2. Gravity: The opening 12 minute take

3. Spring Breakers: Brittney Spears sing-along

So there you have it folks, 2013 in review! This will be Jordan and I’s last post for a couple of weeks as we each partake in different forms of a well earned XMAS breaks. From both of us we wish to thank all regular readers and commenters of our little blog for the year that has past, we appreciate you all for taking the time to read, like, dislike and comment on our thoughts on all things movies and look forward to seeing you all next year bigger and better than ever. Until then, merry XMAS and a Happy New Year!

How does this overview of 2013 compare to your thoughts? Let us know what was good and what was bad about the year in film.

38 responses to “The Best and Worst of 2013: Eddie’s Take

  1. Nice to see Prisoners on your best list. I recently watched it and enjoyed figuring out the story. I’ll have to add Aint Them Bodies Saint to my watch list, I haven’t heard of it but I’m a fan of Rooney Mara.

  2. Naomi Watts can be a very good actress. She does a fine job in “King Kong” and “Mulholland Drive,” and scores big for “The Impossible.” I have not seen any of the 2013 movies you reviewed, so I appreciate the heads up. I am most interested in “Django Unchained” and “Gravity,” and will purchase them in the near future.

  3. Hitting like for “Django”,”Gravity”, “To the Wonder”, “Mud” and “Spring Breakers”. Also, I despise “A Good Day to Die Hard”—but “Byzantium” will make my Ten BEST list! So, I hope your readers will give it a shot. Happy Holidays, guys! ML

  4. Completely agreed on many if these comments, especially on Upstream Color (it would be my 13th favorite at the moment) and The Counselor.

    Less agreed on things like Spring Breakers and Only God Forgives. 😉

  5. I agree and disagree with some of the stuff on your list, I personally didn’t mind ‘The Internship, I thought ‘The Lone Ranger’ was much worse! I have yet to see ‘Prisoners’ too, but intend too! Enjoy the break my fellow Australian reviewers!

  6. I feel like “Man of Steel” has been received a bit too harshly. I can’t deny its problems – my biggest one being that the first half of the movie felt like little more than a very extended version of the trailer – but I also enjoyed the action a lot. I’m not a huge Superman fan to begin with, and I’m highly skeptical of Snyder’s upcoming “Batman vs. Superman” film, but overall I thought it was okay.

  7. Oooh, some very interesting choices for Best/Worst movies, and a lot of ours align it seems. I might have to throw Ron Howard’s Rush onto my Best of ’13, I was simply in awe of that one. Of course, I love racing films which I can understand a great many bloggers/reviewers do not since they are. . e-hem, one-track kind of stories. 😀

    Merry Xmas to you guys as well, look forward to the new year.

  8. OK, here goes…

    1. Only God Forgives and Spring Breakers would easily be on my Top Ten Pretentious baloney list! Didn’t see the attraction to them at all (and I’m a Gosling lover).
    2. Glad to see the love for McConaughey, who I tell everyone who will listen that he is AWESOME!
    3. Didn’t Django come out at the end of 2012?

  9. What were your thoughts on the Hobbit? I thought it was just the best this year had to offer. I’ll have a review up of it soon enough. I personally really enjoyed The World’s End and am very glad Prisoners is on the list, great film.

  10. Agree with a lot of things you say. Great to see you highlighting Matthew McConaughy. I can still remember his work in a load of forgettable romcoms and great to see him in such challenging work. I really did rate Rush though.

  11. I tried watching The Place Beyond the Pines recently and I just couldn’t finish it. It might be a well crafted film but it just doesn’t do anything for me. I have problems with films that are so obviously going downhill because of stupid character choices. I especially can’t stand it when someone gives a strong warning “hey you are being an idiot” and the characters ignore it. Then again I only made it about 40 minutes into the film so I am not going to write a full review of it.

    I did really enjoy MUD, Django, Gravity, and Captain Phillips though from your list. I’ve heard a few people tell me to check out Prisoners though so I will be giving it a look soon.

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  13. really interesting list. its nice to see a list by a fellow aussie who also has to adhere to the stupid australian release dates. i actually kinda liked The Councelor but i can totally see why some people despise it’s craziness. just wondering why you put Behind the Candelabra on your most overrated list? i really liked it and i haven’t really come across anyone who didn’t…

    keep up the good work

    • Hi mate thanks for stopping by. In regards to Behind I would have to admit to not being in any ways a fan of Soderberghs directional style and always find his movies cold and lacking. So perhaps I am being slightly harsh but you have to have those directors you can’t stand 🙂


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