Top 10 Steven Spielberg Films

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Spielberg at work on Indiana Jones with star Harrison Ford

List compiled by Eddie on 21/03/2014

Picking your ten favourite films of prolific directors is always a tough task, picking your top 10 Steven Spielberg (a man who personally has received 231 various awards and nominations for his work) films however is a whole different ball game. In a career that spans over 50 years the great bearded genius has crafted 50 films of various lengths, many of which that could be classified as classics of their genre in their own rights.

When coming up with a top ten for Spielberg it was hard to put nostalgia aside, for many of us would have childhood memories of his films. For me it was Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park, for others it could be Jaws, E.T, Hook or Tintin and it’s in the mentioning of these films that you consider the way in which many of Spielberg’s films have transcended into whole other entities, and become not only popular but a part of people’s lives and memories.

Not showing any signs of slowing down, Spielberg has a raft of projects in the pipeline that should continue to entertain and at times educate and will hopefully continue to showcase just why he should be considered one of if not the most influential directors to ever work in the industry. Without further ado here is my top 10 Spielberg films, a list that will hopefully inspire debate yet allow people to take stock and consider the great works we have so far seen from the bearded king of Hollywood.

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Munich – one of Spielberg’s forgotten gems

10. Munich (2005)

One of the more forgotten about films of Spielberg’s career, Munich is also a showcase for the skill Spielberg has at creating tension and eliciting great turns universally from his cast. Featuring Eric Bana’s best turn outside of Chopper, Munich is also an at times sobering account of the 1972 Munich Olympics terrorist attack and a thriller of the highest order.

Music by John Williams? – Yes 

9. Minority Report (2002)

Working with Tom Cruise for the first time, Minority Report is an adaptation of a Phillip K. Dick novel that actually works. Filled with fantastic special effects and stand out action moments, Minority Report is Spielberg on fun mode but the film has enough heavy ideas to become something more than pure popcorn entertainment to pass time.

Music by John Williams? – Yes

8. Duel (1971)

The TV movie that launched his career is also the perfect example of what Spielberg could do with an idea and not much of a budget. For a film about a man terrorised by a rogue truck driver, Duel remains to this day a believable and tense product of movie making and a film well worth tracking down if you have yet to watch.

Music by John Williams? – No

7. A.I: Artificial Intelligence (2001)

Arguably another overlooked Spielberg movie just like Munich, A.I is also one of the most risky and rewarding films of his long career. Made when Haley Joel Osment was still cute, A.I features a fantastic central turn by the young actor and is a visually striking movie that rewards on repeat viewings. A.I is a worthy entrant into the Sci-Fi classic vaults.

Music by John Williams? – Yes

6. E.T: The Extra Terrestrial (1982)

Needing a heart of coal not to enjoy it, E.T is a family film for the ages that not only created some of the most iconic imagery the silver screen has ever had but created a story that till this day continues to touch, inspire and entertain both the young and the old. Spielberg crafted a story that was ripe for a life in the bargain bins into an undeniably classic piece of movie history.

Music by John Williams? – Yes

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E.T – creating some of the most recognisable images in cinema history

5. Schlindler’s List (1993)

Going to dark and horrifying places that many perhaps thought Spielberg was not capable of, Schlinder’s List is an epic, unwavering look at the true life story of Oskar Schindler and his participation in the great war of the 1940’s that is currently ranked at number 7 on the IMDB Top 250. Filmed in a stark and haunting black and white the movie remains one of the finest war themed pictures ever made and a film deserving of all of it’s 7 Oscar wins.

Music by John Williams? – Yes

4. Jurassic Park (1993)

Creating a world we all at times have thought of, Spielberg tapped into humans deep seeded fascination with the long extinct dinosaurs and crafted a spectacularly entertaining and edge of your seat ride in the form of Jurassic Park. With a production that still stands up to today’s high standards Jurassic Park remains one of Spielberg’s most fun filled and thrilling rides.

Music by John Williams? – Yes

3. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

The Fedora, the whip, the rolling stone, the snake pit and the melting face, mention Raiders of the Lost Ark and chances are someone will have a favourite element of it. George Lucas’s and Spielberg’s love letter to 50’s movie serials and adventure that lies within us all, Indiana Jones is the perfect adventure movie that inspired a wave of imitators and to this day remains one of the most beloved movies of all time.

Music by John Williams? – Yes

2. Saving Private Ryan (1998)

A frighteningly realistic and tense war movie ,Saving Private Ryan opens like a bat out of hell and never lets up creating one of the most visceral and effective war tales ever made for screen. The cast went through a gruelling pre-production training regime and their commitment to their roles shows in the final form, with the men of Tom Hanks’ 2nd Ranger Battalion one of the best loved in movie history.

Music by John Williams? – Yes

1. Jaws (1975)

The movie that emptied beaches the world over upon release, Jaws is pure cinema at its finest. At any time Jaws could be thrilling, scary, funny or heartfelt and a movie that makes you believe sharks can eat through pretty much an entire boat. The movie that launched the Summer Blockbuster is also the movie that to this day acts as one of the finest pieces of directing yet seen. Just try to go swimming after watching this one, I dare you.

Music by John Williams? – Yes

Steven - End

Coming up from the depths – Jaws takes number one as it’s victim

How does this list compare to your favourite Spielberg films? Let us know in the comments below.

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