Film Review – Gone Girl (2014)

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Title – Gone Girl (2014)

Director – David Fincher (Zodiac)

Cast – Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Carrie Coon, Kim Dickins, Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry, Patrick Fugit, Missi Pyle, Emily Ratajkowski

Plot – Nick Dunne (Affleck) discovers his seemingly idealistic wife Amy (Pike) is missing on their 5th wedding anniversary. Thrust into the public spotlight thanks to intense media coverage, Nick is suddenly set forth onto a path where he turns from victim to suspect as facts behind his relationship with Amy and his own background begin to immerge.

 “I can practice believing my husband loves me. But I could be wrong”

Review by Eddie on 3/10/2014

As if it wasn’t safe to say already, but after Gone Girl there is little doubt or argument to be made against the fact that David Fincher is one of the most consistently great directors working in the industry today, for Fincher’s latest efforts behind the camera with this meticulously made, perfectly paced and often thrilling story is moviemaking of the highest order. Gone Girl (exactly like it’s source text) is a mystery/thriller that steadily morphs into what can equally be described as a darkest of dark comedy, a searing account of married life and an edge of your seat police procedural, all elements that combine to create one of the year’s best films.

Fincher from day one has shown an uncanny ability for visual aesthetic, haunting and atmospheric surrounds and with the help of his composers (this time once more teaming up perfectly with Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross) finely moulded musical accompaniments and Gone Girl shows off all these skills once more. The suburban surrounds of the world of Gone Girl shun the safety in numbers feel that they provide these residents; it’s not dissimilar to a world akin to Blue Velvet where beneath the grassy exteriors lies deep seeded secrets that threaten to tear at the seams of idealistic marriages and those double lives we people lead. Fincher relishes every element of Gone Girl from the mysteries through to the reveals and like only a handful of movies each year this project feels like the perfect meeting of subject and maker who meet in synch to create such a finally tuned product. Fincher really has become the master of the thriller genre, much like Scorsese with his mob pictures and after Seven, Fight Club, Zodiac, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and now Gone Girl, there is a legacy to his directional work that will forever be hard to match much like Fincher’s continued fine work with his actors.

Much noise was made initially by rabid fans of Gillian Flynn’s source novel about the casting of leads Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike as Nick and Amy Dunne but after witnessing first hand one of the year’s best double acts by the two on form actors there will be little doubt that the casting choices were staggeringly spot on. Affleck is at his polarising best at Nick Dunne a man we as an audience are unsure of, do we like this man or do we loathe him? It’s refreshing to see Affleck put in such an assured turn, from inappropriate smiling through to outright rage, Affleck’s turn is an award worthy one that in a less standout year for the male acting category would be a turn featuring strongly come February. While Affleck once more showcases a talent we all know he has, the breakout turn from Rosamund Pike is the films largest revelation.

Finally given a chance to chew through not only a high profile but layered role, Pike excels as the “amazing” Amy at the centre of this twisted and depraved tale. Pike truly creates one of not only the years but modern day cinemas most memorable and unique leading ladies, a creation who at any given time can be compelling, outrageous, disgusting and calculated, it really is a stunning turn to witness and it would be unwise to suggest that Pike isn’t now head and tails ahead in the female acting awards circuit. Surrounded by quite amazing supports from Kim Dickin’s dogged detective Rhonda Boney, Carrie Coon as Nick’s twin sister Margo, Tyler Perry (proving there’s more to the man than Magdea’s fat suit) as high profile lawyer Tanner Bolt and Barney Stinson himself Neil Patrick Harris in a box cutter sharp turn as creepy rich man Desi Collings, Pike and her on screen hubby Affleck are encompassed by one of the years strongest ensembles.

Without spoiling any of Gone Girl’s many varied and unexpected twists and turns (this is the type of movie best seen with as little knowledge as possible), this is a movie thriller of the highest order that shouldn’t be watched by those expecting an everyday murder/kidnapping mystery, for what transpires throughout this tale is anything but your run of the mill narrative. One of the most involving movies of recent memories, Gone Girl is bitingly funny, white knuckle tense, starkly violent and as we’ve come to expect from Fincher, quite brilliant. Gone Girl is without question one of the year’s best films, one of the year’s most unique films and one of the films of this year that you can’t dare to miss.

5 Gummy Bears out of 5

49 responses to “Film Review – Gone Girl (2014)

    • Awesome Mr. Movie! It’s a film that has stayed right with me after a night thinking upon it. And after initially feeling it was a 4 and a half star film upon reflection it was really a quite flawless examination of what it portrayed.

      • YAY!! Eddie..I will let you know..Right now “Birdman”has been by far the best movie I’ve seen all year.. it’s a MUST SEE.. but all that could change in a few hours..hahahahahah

      • Oh your super lucky to have seen Birdman! Be great to finally see it, I have unfortunately been unable to catch Boyhood as well this year but know that one will be a ripper.

      • I could just copy your review and it would be perfectly said. Just got back..loved the movie.,your review is spot on. As for’s a rental or cable at best..but then it’s def. more suited towards guys so you might think differently than I prepared for a sore bum as it’s a loooooong movie…ha!

  1. Can’t wait for this. I’m seeing it either tomorrow or Saturday. Fincher is one of my favorite directors ever, and I just recently re-watched Fight Club to re-appreciate just how good a film that was 😀

  2. Good review Eddie. Not only is this movie twisted as hell, but it’s a slight return for Fincher as being a director who enjoys what he makes. Not just making us cringe and be depressed, for the sake of being so.

  3. I’ll bet a lot of guys will go see the film just because Emily Ratajkowski, the “Burred Lines” girl, has a role in it (apparently insignificant, since no mention is made of her). As usual, and in spite of the misspellings, omissions, and various other errors that typically appear in your text, you provide a wonderful, thoughtful review that makes me want to run to the movie theater and see the film. In fact, I’d want to see it even if Emily weren’t in it.

    • Haha you gotta love me warts and all perhaps lol. Emily’s role is quite small but I can assure you she has a few male fans out there. This is a movie well worth catching I the big screen.

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more. I just saw this movie today and I absolutely loved it on every level. In general I probably like Ben more than you 🙂 but I thought he, along with everyone else, was terrific. I’ll be putting out my review this weekend.

  5. I really enjoyed this but I’m finding it very hard to extricate my experience of the film from my experience of the book. Both leads are amazing though.

      • There were rumours that it was going to be. I didn’t love the ending in the book either. There’s a different way I was hoping it would go.

      • Yeh I heard that to Abbi, they must of chickend out at the last minute and not changed it. Maybe on the disc release they will have an alternate take.

  6. I stood there for about a minute or two after the screening. Fincher freakin’ did it again.
    Very nice written review !
    Btw thanks for visiting my blog 😀


    • Agreed man! I reckon it really has a shot actually at all those noms. I would love to see it nominated for best score also. It’d need to be nominated in adapted screenplay however mate, a category in which it should be favourite for.

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