Film Review – Infini (2015)

Title – Infini (2015)

Director – Shane Abbess (Gabriel)

Cast – Daniel MacPherson, Luke Ford, Luke Hemsworth, Grace Huang

Plot – In the 23rd century, space travel has been made as easy as a press of a button. A top tier search and rescue group find themselves on route to the planet Infini, a planet at the end of the space travel route, to stop a potentially planet destroying payload from making contact with earth and to rescue fellow operative Whit Carmichael (MacPherson) who has found himself marooned on the mysterious planet that is in the midst of a biological outbreak.

“Whatever you have to do, you come home to us in the end”

Review by Eddie on 25/08/2015

A high concept and never less than intriguing Australian Sci-Fi that shuns it’s low end budget and often shoddily handled script work to become a thoroughly watchable deep space adventure, Infini is a film you’ve probably never heard of and a film Sci-Fi buffs should track down despite its warts and all nature.

Returning to the big stage for the first time since his visually striking yet lacking locally made gothic horror Gabriel from 2007, it’s good to see director Shane Abbess back behind the camera and once more delivering a picture that shows enough for us to expect great things from the Australian born filmmaker.

Infini has more ideas and scenarios than most recent Hollywood Sci-Fi’s put together and while there are well worn tropes of the genre thrown into the mix here, Abbess has more than enough original property of his own that the table in which Infini lays out is a table of many delectable ideas that will get hard-core Sci-Fi fans in a tizzy.

No doubt due to a shoe string budget, a staple of locally made films, Infini’s ideas are largely played out in fashions that require low usages of CGI and eye catching visuals and whenever a film’s openings begin with a flurry of set up text’s you know the filmmakers had to budget to get their vision across but it doesn’t stop Infini from getting its crux of its narrative drive across despite the film suffering badly from a midpoint downward spiral that threatens to drive the film down into the depths of the mire.

Infini starts out incredibly strong, the film’s opening 30 – 40 minutes both a fine example of set up and tension (and an Event Horizon feeling) and the film seems destined to deal with some big concept ideas in its quest to thrill and entertain only to lose it in a less successful second half that has lots of yelling, lots of violence and lots of science mumbo jumbo. Infini does bring it home once more in its final scenes but it is a shame the film descends into a controlled chaos that stops this potent story from truly soaring.

The type of Australian film that we locals need to support, Infini has a load of problems but it also does a heck of a lot right and with a budget that would only cover a Hollywood blockbusters catering, it does right against the odds. Speaking of Hollywood, one would think that it won’t be too long before the goliath of California gets its hands on this idea and turns it into its very own tentpole. Luke Hemsworth to be replaced by his brother Chris perhaps?

3 unusual clothes line items out of 5

15 responses to “Film Review – Infini (2015)

  1. Good review. I agree with a lot of your points. I also enjoyed the Event Horizon vibe and first act setup. Some cool visuals, some good ideas, make this worth watching for scifi nerds. This Hemsworth was pretty good actually. He gave a few laughs. I want to see more indie scifi from Australia.

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