Film Review – Comet (2014)

Comet - postTitle – Comet (2014)

Director – Sam Esmail (feature debut)

Cast – Justin Long, Emmy Rossum

Plot – In a universe running parallel to ours, pessimistic Dell (Long) meets and falls in love with energetic Kimberly (Rossum) setting in course a relationship that over 6 years will go through it’s fair share of ups and downs as the two opposites look to make their love work. 

 “I never thought love was real, now I think life isn’t real without it”

Review by Eddie on 26/08/2015

Whatever one was to say about this ambitious and often highly effective indie Sci-Fi/Romance, there’s little doubting that Comet is one of the most visually striking and uniquely crafted films of recent memory and a hugely effective calling card for first time director and boyfriend of Emmy Rossum, Sam Esmail.

While it would take some time to discover all the nuances and narrative conundrums of this original journey, Esmail’s directional eye and way with words is something to behold, no better magnified by the fact that Comet really is a 90 minute conversation driven piece that is not dissimilar to a Woody Allen or Noah Baumbach film. From emotionally charged scenarios through to comical situations, Comet often masters a raft of different genres and it’s musings on life, love and the plausibility of parallel dimensions is balanced to wonderful effect by Esmail. The film, as mentioned, carries a fantastically appealing visual flair, from strange framing, beautiful lighting and nice visual ticks Comet looks a treat, even more so when considering its low end budget.

It’s refreshing to see a filmmaker utilise the tools at his disposable and all the good work Esmail does with his screenplay and directional style would’ve come to naught had he struck out with his main actors but thankfully you’ll find here arguably career best turns from Justin Long and Emmy Rossum. If Long’s Dell and Rossum’s Kimberly had failed to create a chemistry led spark, Comet would’ve been an exercise in artistic frustration but in these two relatable and often impressively created characters we have two humans that we can both relate to, enjoy and even dislike. It’s a testament that both these actors keep the films narrative intact, even when things seem to be gathering steam towards an incomprehensible whole. With these two young actors at centre stage, Comet really becomes a memorable experience.

Comet is enjoyable, moving and original and while not everything works completely within this high reaching dialogue driven outing, there is enough that clicks to make it one of the most accomplished directional debuts and romantically tinged movies of recent years. Something akin to a less whimsical 500 Days of Summer, come the films quietly beautiful finale, Comet is a film sure to impress all those who enjoy wordy and brain scratching character studies.

3 1/2 Chinese food orders out of 5

8 responses to “Film Review – Comet (2014)

  1. I never would have known this movie or this director existed it wasn’t for this review. How could I not be interested in a sci-fi/romance that’s somehow reminiscnet of Woody Allen and Noah Baumbach. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. I watched the movie last year and even though it sometimes really confused me, I loved it. Visually it’s just SO gorgeous and I always like seeing Emmy Rossum in a movie 🙂
    great review!

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